Configure the web browser for children

Browser for childrenChildren who approach the computer to learn or study can access the entire web without any filter and without any protection: the risk that they can open an inappropriate site by mistake is very high, especially if we cannot constantly follow them while browsing. on the Internet.To achieve an optimal level of protection we can set up or install a web browser for children so that they can only visit authorized sites and obtain an excellent level of filtering even without the intervention of parents.

In the following chapters, we will show you how to set up Mozilla firefox for kids how to use Microsoft Edge’s child mode and which children’s browsers to download to your computer, so you can choose the best approach each time and always offer safe and secure browsing.

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Configure Mozilla Firefox for Kids

One of the best browsers we can use for children is Mozilla Firefox downloadable for free on any version of Windows.

After installing this browser on the computer we can use a simple extension such as Parental Control: Family Friendly Filter to configure the filter suitable for children. The best feature of this extension is definitely Whitelist which allows you to block any website except those included in the list.

Parental Control Family Friendly Filter

To configure this extension we type about: addons in the address bar, click on the three dots next to the extension name, click on Optionslet’s go to the card Whitelistwe manually enter the sites to be authorized (by copying the link from the open sites) and check the item Block every domain except those in your whitelist below. If the child tries to access any site not listed, she will get an error message.

Site blocking

This extension does not require a password, so it is only suitable for very young children (less than 8 years old) or children who are unable to access the extensions or browser settings.

For more safety we enable this extension also from incognito taking us to the menu about: addons as seen previously, this time pressing on the extension name and, from the tab Detailslet’s activate consented next to the item Operation in anonymous windows.

Configure Mozilla Firefox for Kids

The above procedure is very effective in limiting access to some selected sites, but will hardly keep away from the Internet to older children and tech-savvy kids. To create a protected environment for children too, we must first of all set up a simple user account on Windows to enable Microsoft Family Safety on your PC and configure it to block access to unwanted sites, using one of the lists prepared for the purpose.

A good extension to associate with the protected and limited user account is Block Sitegreat for blocking certain sites and making it impossible to modify files or the list thanks to the use of a master password ideal for embarrassing much more experienced users than very young children.

Use Microsoft Edge child mode

As an alternative to Firefox, we can directly use Microsoft Edge as a protected browser for children. We remind you that Microsoft Edge is integrated into Windows 11 and Windows 10 and uses the settings of Microsoft Family Safety in addition to providing the special child mode.

Child mode

To take advantage of this mode, we configure the family options by opening the Security app from the Start menu and taking us to the menu Family options we press on View family settings and changing the settings to activate the filters for minors; after activating the filter, open Microsoft Edge, press the user profile image at the top right and finally click on Browse in Kids mode.

We will thus obtain a minimal browser, with authorized and safe sites for all age groups, with the possibility of unblocking the sites necessary for the study or blocking those that most distract the child from his tasks.

Search engines suitable for children

Within Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge we can configure, as a homepage, a search engine for children, so that every search carried out on the web is safe. The best child-friendly search engines are:

  • Master Research: USA site for filtered search on Google. It offers results tailored to young children, with a priority on educational content.
  • Kiddle: a real Google search engine programmed to provide results consistent with the young age of users in front of the screen. Currently one of the most precise and meticulous in blocking inappropriate content and stopping dangerous searches in the bud.
  • Safe Search Kids: another valid search engine optimized for children and teenagers, with content suitable for any age group and detailed information sheets on the dangers of the web.
  • KidRex: for children under 8 is a real point of reference, as it comes with a cute and colorful homepage and a very effective filtering system.

If we want to add other sites to the filters we can take a look at our articles at the best sites for children and the best sites with drawings to color and print for children.


Leaving children in front of the PC from now on will no longer be a problem, since with a perfectly configured browser they will only be able to visit the sites we personally choose, automatically blocking all the sites on the web (via the whitelist system).

As alternatives to the extensions seen on Firefox, we can also rely on Microsoft Family Safety and the child mode present in Microsoft Edge, so as to also limit the time spent in front of the computer (in addition to monitoring the open apps and the actions performed in front of the screen).

To learn more, we can also read our guides on parental controls, parental controls on PC and the internet to keep children safe, and how to create a protected account for child children in Windows 10 and 11.


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