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When we talk about VPN we mean virtual private network which can be understood both in the sense of internet connection provided by a private provider, and in the sense of network tunnel that connects several computers connected to each other via the Internet.
In most domestic cases, when we talk about VPN on the Internet, we mean a service that allows you to connect securely to websites or other Internet services, which becomes a kind of proxy or intermediary, for all their communications.
This means that to connect to a website, the connection first passes through a VPN server, and the site will communicate with the latter, effectively masking our IP and our origin.
This system can be used effectively to connect to websites blocked in your country, simulating the connection from another country.
We see in this guide which are the VPNs that we can use for free to connect to US sites (for example Netflix USA) or to sites that accept connections only from US users.

Best VPNs to connect to American sites for free

Reading the following chapters we will be able to understand exactly when to use a VPN connection to mask our origin and which services to use to obtain a US IP, valid for accessing services reserved for citizens of the United States of America.

What does a home VPN serve

VPN access

Companies and organizations use VPN servers to secure a private network other than the internet, which ensures fast data transfer.
At home, however, they can benefit from VPN services for two reasons: first, a VPN is perfect for protect the public connection as, for example, the Public and open Wi-Fi, so as not to let internet browsing data be spied on or tracked.
Second reason, the most interesting, is that through a VPN you can access some sites that, for reasons of copyright or censorship, are not accessible from your country. In Italy, fortunately, censorship is not a problem while instead there are numerous websites that are accessible only from the USA.
A famous example are the sites with limited access in the United States are: Hulu, Amazon USA and Netflix USA (with a much richer catalog than the Italian one); these are all good sites to test the free VPNs we will show you.


The first VPN we recommend trying is ProtonVPN.

With this service we will have a completely free VPN, with no bandwidth and no time limits, so that we can connect with an American IP on any blocked site or available only to US users.
The free service offers 3 servers, of which one based on USA IP: after installing the program on our computer we select United States to immediately get a new VPN tunnel and browse the sites reserved for American users (for this purpose we recommend using a Web browser different from the one used daily, such as Mozilla Firefox).
ProtonVPN is also available for Android smartphones and tablets and for iPhone / iPad.


Another VPN that we can try to connect to foreign sites is ExpressVPN.

This service offers a free and unlimited VPN for 30 days, through a “test and evaluate” mechanism: by registering and paying for the first month, we will be able to evaluate the quality of the service in all its aspects and, if we are not satisfied, cancel the subscription and ask for a full refund of the amount spent, so as not to lose anything!
It is currently one of the fastest and most secure VPN services, also thanks to the more than 3000 VPN servers around the world (including the USA ones, to access US sites without blocking).
ExpressVPN is also available as an app for Android and iPhone / iPad.

Hotspot Shield Free

Another VPN that we can take advantage of for free is Hotspot Shield free.
Hotspot Shield Free

By installing this service on our computer we will have 15 GB of traffic included every month, without limits on the use of our account (we can use the 15 GB of traffic as long as we leave the registered account active). On the other hand, the service shows (when active) advertisements, which in fact finance the service and allow you to offer a good free VPN, especially for those who want to connect from the USA for free to American sites.
We can also download the dedicated apps for Android and iPhone / iPad in this case.


Finally we wanted to report the VPN service called TunnelBear.

This service is one of the best to use a VPN both because it is easy to use, is a program for Windows and Mac and it also works quickly in a free version.
The first time Tunnelbear is started, to immediately enter the VPN, just click on ON and, after a few seconds, access to the USA VPNThere are no other configurations to be made and, immediately, you can open your browser and surf the internet to look like one who connects from the USA or England.
The display shows the available band which, for a free account, is 500 MB per month (currently one of the lowest exploitable values, but still good for those who only visit websites and don’t use these services for streaming).
If interested we can also download the dedicated apps for Android and iPhone / iPad.


The VPN services that we have reported are currently the best for those looking for a free VPN (with some limitations) able to connect as if we were in the USA, thus being able to access numerous blocked or inaccessible sites in Italy (especially streaming services or e-commerce).
It would also not be a bad idea to pay a subscription to get one Faster, unlimited and reliable Premium VPNs

If we are looking for other valid VPNs to try for PC or smartphone / tablet, we recommend you read our guides Best free VPN services and programs to surf safe and free is Best VPNs for Android, iPhone free and unlimited.
Do we want to further increase the security of our connection to the USA? We use the suggestions of ours Guide to configure Tor with foreign IP.


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