Those who subscribe to Fastweb or Vodafone can surf for free throughout Italy by connecting to the WOW FI or FON wifi networks.

WOW FI Fastweb and Fon Vodafone
Who has Fastweb or Vodafone as an Internet operator for the connection at home (with ADSL or fiber optic technology) can surf the Internet for free when away from home, by exploiting the networks shared through proprietary modems, ie through a part of the network automatically shared by users who own the modem provided by the operator (Fastgate and Vodafone Station). Even if it seems something invasive and not very desirable, it is actually an advantageous and convenient service for everyone, since it will allow you to use a real free Wi-Fi Hotspot network in every Italian city we go to…Let’s see together what are the connections to WOW FI Fastweb and Fon Vodafone networks, what we must do to use them, and why they are offered free of charge to all users of the operators mentioned. Of course, it’s not all plain sailing, but in most cases, it’s an interesting service that’s easy to set up and use.

How to take advantage of WOW Fi Fastweb and Fon Vodafone

In the following chapters, we will show you how a shared Wi-Fi network works, how it can be accessed safely, and how to connect to the most famous shared networks in Italy, namely WOW FI by Fastweb and Fon by Vodafone (created in collaboration with the international Fon network).

How a shared Wi-Fi network works

When we enter into a contract for an Internet connection at home (be it ADSL or Fiber) we will receive the proprietary modem to be connected to the telephone socket (ADSL or FTTC) or to the socket for the optical fiber (in the case of FTTH). Once the modem is connected to the Internet and with our account up and running a part of the home line will be used to create a common hotspot, which can be accessed by other users of the same operator.
Wi-Fi sharingThe parameters and access to this network are under the direct responsibility of Fastweb: no parameter is available for user configuration, just as it is not possible to vary the speed offered to the shared network (usually no more than 10% of the total speed of our line).
As registered users we will also be able to take advantage of the access points in the cities: after registration, we will in fact receive a username and password that can be used to access the internet for free wherever it is, passing through other Fastweb WOW FI networks shared by other users (with its proprietary modem switched on and connected). obviously, the network shared by each user is protected, secure and separate and each user is easily tracked: in fact, it cannot be used for computer crimes or other crimes without quickly tracing the author of the gesture (who will never be the modem user!).
In summary: the proprietary modems behave like large Hotspot antennas, take advantage of a part of the dedicated line, and are managed directly by Fastweb without any kind of control by the user (who will have his own independent Wi-Fi networks).

How to take advantage of the WOW FI network

Fastweb’s shared network is called WOW FI and it can be activated easily, both for those with Fiber, both for those with normal ADSL or even those who use a 4G modem, from MyFastPage or from the MyFastweb app for Android and iPhone / iPad. When it is activated, a second network will be found in the house, the WOW FI, which becomes accessible by all those who can “see” our network.

The operation of WOW FI does not generate risks of internet slowdowns for users who decide to activate it, as the amount of bandwidth granted to those who connect is always limited and dependent on the moment: if the user is using the internet, others will browse very slowly, while if the user is away from home his modem will give visitors more speed. The priority will always be for the main user who, therefore, will leave the WOW FI network only the residual bandwidth not used at that moment.

To surf on WOW FI networks just log in with the assigned login and password, the first time.
The credentials will then remain stored on the used PC or smartphone and will be valid for any WOW FI network in every part of Italy. Through the MyFastweb app, you can see the map of the available networks of users who have activated WOW FI and from which you can connect to the internet for free.

We don’t want to share the WOW FI anymore? It will be enough change modem with a new one of your choice but remember that, by removing the WOW FI from our modem, it will not be possible to connect to the WOW FI networks of other users (in fact we will be banned from using the service).

How to take advantage of Vodafone’s Fon network

The same type of free Wi-Fi hotspot service is offered also from Vodafone, through the company’s networks FON which can be activated as an optional option by those who own a Vodafone Station or a Vodafone Revolution. Through the Vodafone app (available for Android and for iPhone / iPad) or also from the FON website it is possible to see the map of the hotspots activated by Vodafone users.

Also, in this case, only those who share their connection can connect to the internet via the FON networks activated by others, and by deactivating the service we will no longer be able to use it even for our connections.
As you can see from the coverage map, Fastweb’s WOW FI networks are more widespread in Italy than Vodafone, but Fon wireless networks are also available in other European countries such as France.

Other shared networks

The same network sharing mechanism is also an option for those who subscribe to Tiscali, thanks to the service Tiscali Social Wifi; the only problem, in this case, is that Tiscali is not as widespread as Fastweb and Vodafone, therefore subscribers will find it more difficult to find networks to connect to for free around.


Using free Wi-Fi when we are away from home can make a difference if we work a lot on the train or when we travel so that we can always finish work or send that important email without consuming Giga of the phone. The speed of shared networks is not high, so let’s dream of being able to use it as a backup network in case of malfunctions of our main line!

To learn about other valid methods to surf the Internet for free in Italy and abroad, we invite you to read our guides App to find free Wifi and free wireless networks around are How to surf the internet abroad for free (or almost).


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