Connect to your favorite Wi-Fi network that picks up on Android

Prioritize wifi networks to automatically connect to the preferred one and which takes better with better signal.

wifi priorityWhat causes the phone to connect to detected wifi networks, when free or when stored, automatically should be an advantage, but it can also turn into a problem. It will have happened to everyone, for example, to go to the office or to the shopping center and see the phone that automatically connects to the detected wifi networks, even those that take little or that require login. The result is that the internet connection is interrupted even if the wifi is connected (sometimes with an exclamation point when the connection is really absent) and the only way to reactivate the internet is to turn off the wifi and use the data connection, which it is quite uncomfortable.

The first solution to this problem is by changing a system option on the phone so that it does not automatically connect to every free wifi network that is detected. This option is found on Android by opening the Settings (by tapping the wheel in the toggle bar or by pressing settings in the app list). Then tap on Wi-Fi and network and then on Wifi. Scroll down the list of wifi networks detected by the phone and press on Wifi Preferences to find several interesting options that can be useful in some cases, but problematic in others (depending on whether you travel often or always stay in the same places) .

You can then do so that the wifi is activated automatically when you are close to saved wifi networks and activate the intelligent selection of the best network, which theoretically should exclude automatic connection to networks that take little. These options can be found under advanced settings and have different names depending on the type of Android phone.

A more interesting and promising solution is instead that of using an application that allows you to manually set the priority of wifi networks, so that, in the presence of two or more networks available, the smartphone always prefers to connect to that choice. The app to use is Wifi Prioritizer, free.

Once the application is installed, give permission to access the location of the device always.

When the list of wifi networks stored on the phone appears, i.e. those to which you have connected at least once in the past, you can touch and hold on the grid of squares to drag them up or down depending on the priority. You can then put the preferred one on top and leave the less used ones at the bottom. For each wifi network, it is also possible to activate or deactivate the auto switch, i.e. the automatic connection to that network when it is detected. it will therefore be convenient to remove the auto switch from the public wifi networks of shopping centers, shops, restaurants or hotels that require login every time.

By pressing the button with three dots inside the application you access the settings, to activate the automatic connection to the wifi networks with more priorities and set a period of time to renew the detection of the networks which is 60 seconds in the default setting. Also useful is the possibility to choose the strength of the wifi signal, so as to connect to a network only if it takes good and not if the signal strength is low. Always in the settings you can remove the fixed notification of Wifi Prioritizer.

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