Convert DWG (Autocad) to PDF and CAD viewer

Convert AutoCADIn the business world, each sector has its own standard software, a program that is used by 90% of employees in that field of work. For engineering, technical and architectural, two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing, the software AutoCAD it is almost universal and also the best.

If we want to export drawings and projects the reference format is DWG, which can be viewed on other installed AutoCAD programs. The problem arises when we do not know if the receiver of the file has AutoCAD installed: in this case the file cannot be opened.

In the guide that follows we will show you how convert DWG to PDF and how to view AutoCAD files even without having the official program installed, so you can always access AutoCAD projects and drawings without having to spend a fortune on the program license.

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DWG TrueView

For those who need convert Autocad DWG files to PDF, I recommend using the program DWG TrueView, provided by Autodesk itself and free to download.
DWG TrueView

The program works with all CAD files created by any version of AutoCAD and therefore works as a valid DWG file viewer. If we want to convert a DWG file to PDF click on the TrueView logo at the top left, let’s go to the menu Export and choose PDF from the menu. Then pressing on Plot it is possible to choose how to export the file and the quality of the PDF to be generated.


Another alternative to open and convert DWG files on PC is FreeCAD, available for download from the official website.

The program supports all DWG files generated with AutoCAD and also allows you to apply changes, so you can act on drawings and 3D projects without having the expensive Autodesk program. To convert the drawing to PDF we have to do is open the menu File, press on Print and use the Windows virtual PDF printer or one of the virtual PDF printers freely installable on PC.

AutoCAD: editor DWG (App)

If we have a phone or tablet with us we can view or convert DWG files directly from mobile by downloading the app AutoCAD, available for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
AutoCAD mobile

The app is very simple to use and allows you to view all DWG files generated with AutoCAD programs, without having to bother with third-party apps. The app also allows you to print drawings in PDF, just open the drawing, open the Export menu and select export as a PDF file.

Sites to convert DWG files to PDF

There are also sites on the web that specialize in converting DWG files to PDF, so you can convert on the fly before sending the email or message to the chosen recipient.

To convert AutoCAD files to PDF we can use the ZamZar site.

After opening the site we click on Add files, load the DWG file, choose PDF as the output format and finally press on Convert now to start the conversion. At the end the PDF file with the project will be downloaded, so you can easily share it.

Another site that we can use for online DWG to PDF conversion is MiConv.

In a similar way to the previous site we click on Choose the files, we choose the file to convert and wait for the conversion by the site, which will proceed completely automatically.

Finally, we recommend that you also try the AnyConv site, which offers one of the best DWG to PDF converters.

By opening this site we can start the conversion by pressing the Select file button, loading the DWG file to be converted and confirming the options provided, so that we can immediately download the PDF file of the drawing.


As we have seen above, there is no shortage of methods for view and to convert DWG files generated with AutoCAD, so as to be able to share a drawing or a project with the knowledge that it can be viewed and evaluated even by those who do not have AutoCAD installed on their computer (an understandable choice, given the high cost of licensing this program).

If the recipient of the PDF does not even have a PDF reader or is looking for alternatives to Adobe Reader we can suggest reading the guides best PDF alternative programs to Adobe and the best mobile apps to read PDFs, so you can always open at least PDF files.

Still on the subject of conversions, we recommend that you read our guide on the best file converters for all formats and types. For those looking for apps and programs for CAD drawings we can read our guides on free CAD programs for 2D technical drawing and 3D modeling e Sites (Web App) for 3D drawing and CAD projects (via browser and online).


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