Copilot+ and Windows 11: Microsoft presents the new Recall function

Copilot+ and Windows 11: Microsoft presents the new Recall function

Yesterday Microsoft revealed an interesting new feature based onArtificial intelligence per PC Copilot+.

We are talking about Recall, a function that will allow Windows 11 users to “travel through time”, recovering activities carried out in the past on their PC. Let’s talk about video call, applications o websites visitedthis introduction records what the user does with their operating system, allowing them to recover every single step in the future.

According to the technology giant, Recall exploits the potential of Copilot+ to carry out screenshot when the user acts with the computer, then going to encrypt the same ones for storing images locally. The user can then interact with a sort of time bar to view a specific moment.

If this implementation can actually be very useful in certain contexts, many are already raising doubts regarding privacy.

Copilot+ and Recall: some doubts about safety

The risks, in this sense, are potentially many. In fact, a function of this type could be exploited by attackers blackmail potential victims regarding online activities.

Despite Microsoft’s reassurances and the use of encryption, the skill and cunning of cybercriminals combined with potentially “interesting” content puts Recall in a risky position.

It should then be considered that, despite all the company’s precautions, the function will not be hidden password, IBAN o credit card numbers that appear on the screen (unless these are hidden by special asterisks).

In fact, this isn’t the first time Microsoft has offered something similar. With Windows 10In fact, the company had proposed the function Timeline (then discontinued in 2021). Although this did not present a “screenshot” system and was not based on AI, it can still be defined as a first move towards today’s functionality.

The requirements for this functionality

As you might imagine, recording snapshots can take a significant toll on your hardware.

Precisely for this reason, in order to use Recall users will need to purchase new computers, i.e PC Copilot+. These will be powered by the chips Snapdragon X Elite Of Qualcommincluding neutral processing unit (NPU). According to what has been leaked, they will also be necessary between 50 and 256 GB of available space to better manage the archiving system.

As confirmed by Microsoft, the feature is still in testing phase. In this regard, the company is collecting user feedback and the official release appears anything but imminent.

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