Copilot is now available on Android with an app similar to ChatGPT

Without too many announcements Microsoft has launched an app on the market Copilot per Android.

The software is already available on Google Play Store and offers full access to the AI ​​platform proposed by the Redmond giant, allowing users to access it without having to go through the mobile app Bing. Apparently, this powerful tool has already been present on the store for several days and, in the future, Microsoft will most likely make a version available for iOS.

In terms of operation, the Copilot app is similar to that of ChatGPTwith access to the classic features of chatbotpossibility of generating images via FROM-E 3 and the ability to create text for emails and various documents.

The launch of this application follows, about a month later, the change of name of the software itself (from Bing Chat to the current Copilot).

Copilot arrives on Android: soon also on iOS?

Microsoft, following the wave linked to generative Artificial Intelligence, launched this project at the beginning of 2023, integrating it into its search engine Bing. From the point of view of practical use, Copilot remains very similar to ChatGPT, now a true point of reference for the entire sector.

The company’s latest initiatives seem to tend to “distance” this service from its search engine, offering an autonomous experience (so much so that there is now a separate domain for this project, i.e. In the expansion of Copilot, therefore, its reaching Android represents a fundamental step: in terms of number of users and diffusion, in fact, Google’s operating system is a huge showcase.

In addition to ChatGPT and Copilot, it should be considered that the market is highlighting the emergence of several very interesting projects. One of the last to be launched was Grok Of Elon Muskwhich however has already caused quite a bit of controversy.


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