Corded or wireless mouse: which is the best?

Mouse Technology innovation has led modern mice to be super-equipped with additional keys, balancing weights and wireless connection. But if we are thinking of abandoning the clutter of desk cables to give way to wireless mice, we advise you to think about it while reading our guide: here we will indeed see which type of mouse to use in all the most common scenarios (work, games, professionalism, sporadic use).
For each scenario, there is a suitable type of mouse and it is not said that the wireless ones are always the best (indeed!).
The guide will be divided into chapters, each chapter will reflect the most common needs when we use the PC in the office or at home, with the best mice we can buy online for that specific need.

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The areas we will examine are: domestic, professional, design, CAD/design, gaming and mouse for notebooks.

1) Domestic sphere

For a PC in the domestic environment, we can use any type of mouse, since the computer will be used sporadically when we need to write to Word or to check e-mail attachments. Given the increasingly marginal role of the PC in domestic use, we can choose a cheap mouse with the main keys, both with and without wire (in the latter case, let’s make sure we have the supply of batteries needed to replace the exhausted ones).
The best mice for the home are:

– AmazonBasics USB Mouse (€ 7)
– VicTsing Wireless Mouse (€ 8)
– Logitech B100 Mouse (€ 9)
– AmazonBasics – Wireless optical mouse (€ 11)

If we focus on wireless models we also buy AAA rechargeable batteries and a compatible charger, like the kit supplied by Duracell (€ 13).

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2) Professional sphere

In the professional field (office work) it is usually required greater precision of the mouse and even a few extra keys, so as to program the gestures and keyboard shortcuts we use most often.
In this compound, wireless mice are abolished, since we don’t have time to lose in changing the battery and we must always be productive.
The best professional wired mice are:

– TeckNet PRO S2 USB Mouse with Cable (€ 10)
– CSL – Optical vertical mouse (€ 16)
– Microsoft Comfort 4500 Mouse (€ 18)
– Logitech M500 Clamshell Wired Mouse (€ 22)

We choose one of these models to increase our productivity at work and still achieve excellent precision and ergonomics.

3) Design field

If we are fanatics of fashions and appearances and, consequently, we have an iMac on the desk, having cables around is definitely not the best solution to create a luxurious and beautiful looking desk.
In this context, precision and ergonomics are not important, but the design (which must attract the eye) and above all the mice must be wireless.
The best mice to look at and place on the desk are:

– Inphic Rechargeable Wireless Mouse (€ 11)
– HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse (€ 17)
– Microsoft Surface Mobile Wireless Mouse (€ 26)
– Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (€ 55)
– Apple Magic Mouse 2 (€ 69)

All mice are very beautiful to look at and even special (like the Arc mouse and the magic mouse), as they include soft-touch and gesture.
Also, in this case, we do not forget the rechargeable batteries to be able to use the mouse when discharging.

4) Design and CAD field

If we work with drawings and with CAD, we need ultra-precise mice (with high DPI), with great grip on the surface (to prevent the fingers from slipping), possibly in vertical orientation (so as not to strain the carpal tunnel) and obviously connected to the PC via cable, since a wireless mouse would run on the most beautiful during precision work (as well as providing slow and uncoordinated inputs in case of low battery).
The best mice for designers and engineers are:

– Vertical Anker Mouse – Mouse (€ 15)
– ECHTPower Vertical Mouse (€ 16)
– UMEI, vertical optical mouse with wire (€ 18)
– 3Dconnexion CadMouse Professional USB Mouse (€ 127)

All these mice are designed to be used for a long time and for high precision work, without too much strain on the hand.

5) PC gaming environment

The area in which the most expensive and most functional mice are produced is certainly that of gaming.
Here we find programmable mice with more than 6 keys, configurable LED lights, high precision (to hit enemies quickly), removable weights to be able to vary the calibration of the mouse according to the game and to the hand and nylon cables to be able to withstand all the types of bumps and strains.
Also in this area, wireless mice are little used, since during the online game it is preferable not to interrupt the session in order to change the batteries.
The best gaming mice are:

– CSL – Gaming Mouse with Tuning weights (€ 14)
– AmazonBasics – Multi-color gaming mouse (€ 19)
– Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse (€ 22)
– Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition (€ 81)
– Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ Optical USB mouse 16000 DPI (126 €)

6) Mouse for notebooks

The last category that we are going to analyze is that of notebook mice.
These mice must be very light, small enough and comfortable to fit in the same laptop bag and possibly have to be wireless since the notebook is often used without the power supply.
The best notebook mice we can view are:

– HP X3000 Wireless Mouse (€ 9)
– JETech Wireless Mouse (€ 9)
– Logitech M220 Wireless Silent Mouse (€ 14)
– Logitech M330 Silent Plus Optical Mouse (€ 22)

7) Conclusions

As we have seen, the wireless mouse is not always suitable for all scenarios, as some require constant precision and cannot be limited to wireless mice. The wired mouse, on the other hand, still plays a central role in the workplace (office, engineers, designers, etc.), especially with vertical grip models. Wireless mice are good for all laptops (except those we use as if they were a landline) and for those who don’t want to give up a design on their desks.
Whatever our scope, we can speed up some operations or mouse movements using macros, as described in the guide shown below.

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