Cover and Powerbank for smartphone crank and solar chargers

Emergency battery charger The battery of smartphones is today one of the biggest problems related to technology since it never lasts long enough and is always downloaded at the worst time when we need to make a phone call or check something on the Internet. If we cannot carry the charger with us and we are by now powerless, we will have to equip ourselves in advance in order to be able to carry out an emergency charge, so that we can safely arrive until evening or until we can finally use the phone charger.
In this guide we have collected all the more or less conventional methods with which you can quickly charge a smartphone or an unused mobile phone: we start from the crank charger to get to the solar energy charger and the various types of energy reserves that we can use to increase the autonomy of the phone. READ ALSO: How to use the wireless charger for Android and iPhone smartphones

Best emergency chargers

For the guide we will show you the most ecological and practical emergency battery chargers, giving you also valid indications on the classic power banks and the covers with battery included, which can become the most valid solution to being able to sensibly increase the autonomy of any smartphone.

Crank battery charger

If we want to take advantage of the strength of our arms to charge our phone, we can focus on a crank charger like the caring portable battery charger for mobile, Radio and torch (€ 22).
Manual loader

With it we will be able to use our physical strength to recharge our phone in emergency situations, with the possibility of also using the small solar panel incorporated in the upper part of the device. In addition to the charging functions, we will be able to listen to the FM radio and use the built-in flashlight, so that we can use this charger in all situations where there is no electrical outlet.
Obviously we should not expect to charge times comparable to the electricity grid: even loading the lever with maximum force, we will hardly be able to charge more than 2% every half hour, so we leave this type of device only for really extreme situations (better to use the small solar panel included, which manages to recover much more energy than the crank).
Here below we have collected other crank loaders valid for use in emergencies:

  1. Solar Dynamo Power Rechargeable with a crank (€ 19)
  2. Workingda Power Bank 10000mAh crank (€ 25)
  3. Compass Culture Brand NOAA Solar and USB 2000mah (€ 41)

Solar battery chargers

If we want to use the sun’s energy to recharge our smartphone when we are camping or in the mountains, we can focus on the PEALIKER Solar Battery Charger 25000mAh Solar Power Bank (44 €).
Solar charger

With this device we can recharge up to 1A with direct sunlight and all the extended panels, obtaining a decidedly higher efficiency compared to crank loaders or other smaller solar panels. In addition to charging via solar panels, it has an internal 25,000 mAh battery, large enough to quickly recharge any recent smartphone (even without light). The presence of two USB ports will allow you to charge two different devices, so as to obtain a very effective emergency recharge.
Currently, it is the best method to obtain an emergency battery charger for every situation, even the most extreme, being able to the most use solar energy to get a decent recharging capacity (especially at noon or in the hours when the sun is highest in the sky).
Below we can find other solar chargers that we can evaluate for the purchase:

  1. 10000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Battery Charger with 2 LED Lights (€ 21)
  2. POWERADD Solar Powerbank Apollo2 Portable Battery Charger (€ 23)
  3. KEDRON Portable Power Bank 24000mAh Charger (€ 30)
  4. Gnceei Power Bank 24000mAh Portable Solar Powerbank Charger (€ 31)
  5. ADDTOP Solar Charger 25000mAh (49 €)

High capacity power bank

If we want to play it safe and bring a large amount of electric charge to our smartphones or electrical devices, nothing beats the care bank powerbanks, especially those with capacities above 25,000 mAh. One of the largest power banks we can view is Charmast 26800mAh Power Bank Portable USB Type C Charger (€ 39).

With this power bank we can load up to 4 devices simultaneously, using one of the available ports: we will be able to charge an iPhone or Android phone in just over an hour, with the same speed as the wall charger. The high capacity of this device will allow you to make up for the most extreme situations, without having to turn a crank or wait for the sun to appear in order to proceed with the recharge.
We can find high-capacity power banks galore; below we have collected the most capacious and useful ones in case of need:

  1. Enjoylife Power Bank, 26800 mAh Mobile Battery Charger (€ 26)
  2. 50000mAh Portable Power Bank 2 LED Battery (€ 31)
  3. RAVPower 26800mAh 3 Port Portable Charger (€ 42)
  4. Litionite Tanker 50000mAh Power Bank External Battery (€ 149)

Cover with battery included

If we do not wish to have other devices besides the smartphone, we can increase the autonomy of our smartphone by using one of the covers with battery included, able to immediately provide additional energy to the phone by giving up something from an aesthetic point of view.
Battery cover

Various types of covers are obviously available for each recent smartphone in circulation, we will only have to choose the model compatible with our phone. Below we can see some battery covers for some of the most famous phones:

  1. Battery Cover for iPhone 6s / 6/7/8, 6000mAh (€ 22)
  2. Mbuynow Cover Battery for Samsung Galaxy S9, 4700 mAh (€ 23)
  3. Battery Cover for iPhone X / XS / 10, 6500mAh (€ 26)
  4. Huawei P20 Lite / Nova 3e Battery Case, 4700mAh (€ 27)

If we have another smartphone model that is not on the list, just open the Amazon page and look for “cover with battery” followed by the name of the phone in our possession.


If we find ourselves in the open countryside, in a forest or in the mountains and our phone is running out of charge quickly, just use one of the emergency recharge systems illustrated in this guide, so that you can always use the apps and navigation systems, even in extreme situations. Crank chargers are impractical, while solar panel systems or high capacity power banks are far more useful; the covers with battery double the autonomy of the phone but ruin the aesthetics, therefore we will have to be well disposed of in such sense.

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