Create a free website for your company with WordPress

Create a free website for your company with WordPress

In an era in which the Web dominates commercial dynamics, setting up an attractive site is the fundamental step to stand out and position yourself well on search engines. A well-designed website is not just a virtual showcase, it instead represents the cornerstone of a marketing strategy that amplifies the visibility of the brand and captures the attention of the target audience. Create a website for free with WordPress for your company it is possible and you can even do it in a few minutes.

A well-structured website not only attracts attention, but also helps improve the positioning on search engines. Search engines favor websites user-friendly, responsive (i.e. capable of adapting to the devices you use), rich in relevant content. Invest in the creation of a website for the company it means maximizing online visibility, increasing qualified traffic and, consequently, increasing conversion opportunities.

Creating a free website: where to start

Suppose you have already registered a domain name for your business, that you have successfully installed the latest version of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and that you have activated a digital certificate for the use of the HTTPS protocol. In another article we saw how to install WordPress on AlmaLinux but it is obviously possible to do the same thing on other Linux machines equipped with a web server such as Nginx or Apache.

If you don’t know where to start to create your free website, click on Plugin in the left column of the admin interface WordPressselect Add new then type Starter Templates in the search box at the top right.

Create a free WordPress website

Then proceed with theinstallation and activating the plugin Starter Templates – Elementor, WordPress & Beaver Builder Templates which you see highlighted in the figure inside a red box.

Starter Templates allows you to choose from dozens of WordPress themeswhich can be used immediately to create your own website. Many of them, among other things, are completely free and can be adapted to your needs without limitations.

Setting up Starter Templates WordPress themes

Once the plugin is installed Starter Templatesyou must click Appearance, Starter Templates and then select the icon Elementor. Here you will find a wide selection of ready-to-use WordPress themes.

Page Builder Elementor

Those that don’t have the label Premium they can be downloaded and installed at no cost. The advice is to use the menu above Business, Local Business, Personal Care, Professionals, Personal Sites, Community, E-Commerce, Blog to identify the most suitable theme, in terms of graphics and structure, for your business.

Free WordPress themes

Once you have chosen the theme you like best, you will get a large preview in the right panel while on the left you can possibly start uploading the logo of your business. You can also carry out this operation later by simply clicking on Skip & Continue. It is also possible to intervene on the color combination to apply to your theme and your favorite character fonts.

Color scheme font themes

On the page Okay, just one last stepyou can simply click on the button Submit & Build my Website per apply the theme WordPress chosen previously. Even without entering any data. With one click View your websitethe plugin allows you to access the brand new website through your business domain (https:// followed by

Free website with WordPress plugin

By pressing the F12 key on the keyboard to access the Developer tools, we suggest simulating the use of a mobile device. By acting on the drop-down menu Dimensionsat the top, you can choose for example Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro. If this menu does not appear, in Chrome and browsers derived from Chromium, you can press the key combination CTRL+MAIUSC+M. By doing so, you can check how the website looks on a mobile device.

Sito Web responsive WordPress

The final step is to click on the icon at the top right, Exit to dashboard to return to the traditional WordPress interface.

How to customize your WordPress theme

The theme structure WordPress can now be freely customized by clicking on Appearance, Customize in the left column. As a first step, we suggest clicking on Global and check colors and fonts. You can apply styles specific to individual sections of the website or apply global preferences, so that all elements on the page have the same look.

Customize WordPress theme

However, the “magic” takes place by clicking on Modify with Elementor on any page of the website. You access a WYSIWYG editor which allows you, for example, to drag new elements from the composition menu in the left column or intervene directly on the structural and graphic elements currently on the page.

Editing tema WordPress Elementor

All the basic elements for building an attractive website are available for free. The more advanced ones require a subscription. However, nothing prevents you from intervening directly on the code of the web page and adding the elements you need.

Editing tema WordPress

By clicking on the main menu of Elementorat the top left, it is also possible to access the global settings of the site from here and define the graphic styles to be applied to the pages that make up the structure.

While you are in the process of composing the site, you can click on Settings, Reading and finally tick the box Discourage search engines from indexing this sitebut remember to deactivate it when you have completed the design of the website for your business.

Add new sections to your site

To add new sections to the WordPress site, simply click on the “+” symbol in the desired place on the page and then on the icon Starter Templates.

Add new section

At this point you can click on Blocksabove, and choose one of the many visual blocks provided free of charge by the plugin Starter Templates. There are something for all your needs. Once you have identified what he does for you, just click on Import block and then start with the customizations, always using the tools of the integrated Elementor editor.

By clicking on the “+” icon in the previous image, you can choose from a series of layout at base to one or more columns: in this case it is up to the user to customize them according to their needs.

WordPress section blocks

After making a change that satisfies you, remember to click on Updatein the left column at the bottom, so as to make all the interventions applied effective.

Customize navigation menus

With one click your I wait, Menuin the standard WordPress interface, possible customize menus navigation of the site and even transform the site so that it consists of a single page.

The section Menu of WordPress allows you to select the menu to modify, add new items, reorder them, delete them and specify the destination of the user’s click.

Customize WordPress menus

After each change, it is important to remember to click the button Save menu bottom right.

Before going live… check that the site is responsive

We mentioned it previously by suggesting the use of Developer tools integrated into the Web browser. However, at the bottom of the column accessible by clicking on I wait, Customizethere are three icons that allow you to obtain asite preview on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones.

Sito responsive WordPress

Using the Builder dell’header it is possible to resolve any issues affecting the upper part of the website you are developing. Depending on the device on which it is loaded, they can be set different behaviors, define exceptions, change the graphic look of the various elements (just click on the pencil icon). For example, you can change the transparency of some objects, which helps a lot in the mobile sector.

Builder dell'header WordPress

Finally, by visiting the site directly from your browser, try taking a look at HTML source: You will notice that the code is quite clean and well organized.

In our opinion, at least at the time of writing this article, the proposed approach proves to be much more effective than the many tools for create websites with artificial intelligence. In many cases it’s all smoke and little fire.

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