Create a perfect cover for Facebook: Apps and sites

Facebook coverA really nice and important feature of the Facebook diary is certainly the cover, the large image at the top that becomes decisive to be recognized and to create your own unique page compared to that of others. Adding a beautiful picture to your profile is not only fun but also a way to make yourself original or professional depending on the case. I’ve already written about how to create a Facebook profile cover, uploading your own photograph cropped to the right size, or taking images already optimized for the diary that can then be customized.A guide to the best could not be missing on our site websites to create a Facebook cover so that we can create a cover that suits our tastes quickly and easily. In particular, it becomes interesting to change the presentation cover of the profile to one combination of personal images or text boxes on which to write your own online references or other information.

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How to create a Facebook cover

Creating a cover for Facebook is quite simple, but it is also necessary to know what are the size limits supported by the social network, so as to avoid errors with images that are too large or worse, images that are too small or with the wrong aspect ratio.

Ideal Facebook cover size

As Facebook advises it is advisable to prepare a cover image that has the following dimensions:

  • A width of 820 pixels and a height of 312 pixels to be displayed correctly on computers; the same image is resized to a width of 640 pixels and a height of 360 pixels on smartphones.
  • In order to upload the cover, it must have a minimum width of 400 pixels and a height of at least 150 pixels.
  • The best results are obtained with a JPG format image file with a width of 851 pixels and a height of 315 pixels, with a file size of fewer than 100 kilobytes.

If instead of a personal cover image we want to insert the company logo or a cover with text, it is better to focus on the PNG image format, so as to obtain higher quality and avoid grainy effects typical of JPG files.

Sites to create Facebook cover

After having seen the dimensions that a Facebook cover must-have, let’s see together the best sites online to quickly create a cover for our profile or for the page of which we are administrators, so as to make it more attractive for all users who visit us.

The first site we recommend you try is Canva, available from the official website.

Canva is a web app to design graphics easily and also allows you to create the cover for the Facebook page starting from any personal image or starting from the photo we want to use as the cover for our page. Canva and is perhaps the app with the best editor and templates on this list and we recommend that you try it first. To learn more about the use of this site, we refer you to reading our guide All the ways to design your own images with Canva.

Another very interesting site to create a perfect cover for Facebook: App and sites are Adobe Spark, available from the official website.
Adobe Spark

This famous site is nothing more than a web app to create new images, including Facebook profile covers, in an original and creative way. The site is free, without adding watermarks, and allows you to choose the image, crop it to the right size, and put it as a Facebook cover on your profile quickly and easily. The uploaded image can be previewed on your profile, edited, enhanced, rotated, zoomed, and recolored. The Effects tab allows you to add blur, black and white, sepia, and many other filters to the photo. It is also easy to add text to the image.

To create a perfect Facebook cover we can also use PlaceIt, accessible from the official website.

PlaceIt is a very simple and rich web application, with many templates to create a new Facebook page or profile cover. You can upload an image from your computer by pressing the Upload button and then, after creation, you can save the cover and upload it to Facebook.

Other sites to create Facebook covers

Although the sites seen above are the best choice for creating a perfect cover for Facebook, there are really numerous sites on the web that offer the same possibility. Below we can find other good sites to create original covers starting from personal images:

  • Crello allows you to create a profile picture with a very cut professional for those who want to be found and contacted. Over a background of your choice that can also be changed at will, you can insert an image or a logo, you can write a text message also large and you can even add a box with your own online references. In the end, you can see a preview and download the cover image to use on the profile.
  • Fotojet is a great online tool for making covers for user-profiles and Facebook pages. The peculiarity is that the image looks like an advertising banner, with writings and photos combined with each other and mounted on backgrounds of your choice.
  • Profile Picture Maker provides a web application to create your own Facebook profile picture, with a round shape. There are hundreds of wallpapers available for the timeline cover and just select the one you like the most. If you want, you can choose the white background so then, using the online editor, you can upload your own photo and then adjust and modify it by adding writings or other photos above the background. The editor allows you to change the background and upload one or more photos from your computer that will be superimposed on the cover. The editing tools allow you to change the color, saturation, brightness, contrast, and other things.
  • Photovisi is another good site to create cover images for Facebook using very beautiful effects, including virtual frames in which to insert two or more photos together.
  • Creatopy is another good site to quickly create a Facebook cover starting from predefined templates, suitable for any occasion or any type of photo.

These sites are accessible both from a PC browser and from a browser on Android and iPhone so that we can create a new cover even when we are away from home and cannot turn on the computer.


A perfect cover on Facebook will entice users to visit our profile often and, if we use the right image on a page, we will advertise our company and our business in an effective and profitable way, without having to use other paid advertising tools.

To embellish and make the Facebook profile perfect we can also read our guides Ways to Change Facebook Profile Picture e Use a video as your Facebook profile picture.

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