Create an AI video of your face while you dance or sing

How to create a viral video of a concert or taking a scene from a movie using your face or that of a famous person using AI

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Every now and then it happens that a meme goes viral and, in the last few days, one that you can’t stop seeing has spread, very particular, because it was generated through artificial intelligence. It’s that short video where a singer (to be precise it’s the rapper Lil Yachty) enters the stage walking in a wavy manner and the crowd around acclaims him by jumping enthusiastically.

The beautiful thing is that The singer’s face and body can be changed, using the face of a famous person or even ourselves. For example, these days, the meme made with this video is viral Carlo Ancelotti who jumps and dances since with Real Madrid he beat Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Regardless, beyond the viral, it’s really fun create the video where we are ourselves dancing and singing in concert scenes or in a famous film and it has become so simple to generate this type of video that it only takes two minutes and no particular intellectual effort.

To generate a video using AI like the one where the singer enters the stage triumphant using your own face and body or that of a friend or even to try to spread a viral video where a famous person appears, you can open the site from PC or even from smartphone. Being a recent site, it can be used completely for the moment It’s free and it’s really simple.

Once on the site you can open the “prompt” to see the supported animations and you will find, in addition to the rapper’s video, also scenes from films such as Risky Business con Tom Cruise o Batman the Dark Knight with a scene of the Joker and other nice ballets.

Then press the “” buttonJoin Beta” to open the Viggle AI Discord channel. If you don’t have a Discord account, you can create one easily and at no cost with the usual Email and Password registration.

As is also done to generate new images with Midjourney’s AI, this tool also works via Discord where it is only necessary to write a particular command to generate the video.

From the left menu, on the Discord channel, press below the section Creator on one of the sections animate in the chat writing field, write /animate and press Enter. As a response you will get a prompt to fill in and a space to click to upload your photo. Then upload the photo and then fill in the fields like this:

  • image it fills itself by uploading a photo. the photo can be just the face or a full body photo (which would be better if you want to generate the Lil Yachty video).
  • motion_prompt asks you to write the name of the video template. You can find examples of names by scrolling through requests from other users, on the Viggle website in the Prompts section or by trying personalized descriptions. To create the video of the rapper entering the scene, we can write lil-yachty-stage-entrance.
  • background it is the background color which can be green, white or that of the chosen template. In this case, we choose the option From Template
  • fine tunewe put on

Finished, press Enter and wait a few minutes. Now there may be the problem of losing your request among the numerous requests of other users. You can follow your request or, if we lose sight of it, use the search button in Discord and search for your username to find it again.

Once completed, the video will automatically appear which can be downloaded and saved as an mp4 file. At that point we can share it from the PC or phone on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or wherever we want.

Below is my experiment, done on the fly with an old photo (it could have been better but it doesn’t matter), where I enter the scene…

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