Create animations for free and without installing anything with Trangram

Create animations for free and without installing anything with Trangram

As technological solutions continue to evolve, numerous tools have emerged that allow users to express their creativity through digital animation. Among these, Trangram stands out as an innovative and accessible application, designed to allow anyone to create animations quality directly from your browser, without the need for any additional software.

Trangram is a web application that offers users an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to create animations without having to go through complex learning processes. Accessibility is one of Trangram’s strengths: anyone, from beginners to experts, can start creating animations in just a few simple steps.

How to create animations with Trangram, directly from your browser

Among web applications that offer a well-designed and intuitive user interface, Trangram certainly stands out. At its core, Trangram provides a wide range of drawing tools, including lines, circles, rectangles, and polygons, which allow users to create custom shapes for their animations.

The timeline located at the bottom of the Trangram screen, allows users to control the timing and the sequence of movements of the various forms. You can create an animation from scratch or use an input file containing vector datafor example an SVG image.

Users can save their animations and resume work at any time, ensuring the safety of their projects and facilitating collaboration with other users.

Create animations for free

Start creating a test animation

If you don’t want to start from scratch, we suggest downloading an SVG image royalty-free, for example from the Pixabay site. By clicking on the Trangram main menu at the top left, on Import and finally up Browseyou can specify the file to use.

Acting on timeline at the bottom, you can adjust the timing and sequence of movements. You can possibly act on the image as a whole or on the individual shapes, which can change and modify themselves over time.

For example, intervene on timeline then drag the image to a point on the white Trangram “sheet”: the application will take care of generating all the intermediate steps. This also applies to a single shape: double click on thevector image that you have inserted and try to modify positions and shapes.

Once the animation is complete, users can export it by selecting the desired format and clicking the button export. Trangram, however, allows users to save animations by creating a free account. This way, you can resume work on a project at any time and from any device.

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