Sites to create certificates and certificates for every occasion, ready to print.

CertificatesIf we need to create and print personalized certificates or awards to be presented for anniversaries and real and serious events or invented or as a joke, we can rely on some resources on the internet that can be used for free, without necessarily having to go to the stationery to choose the model suitable for our needs (we will still have to print it from home, so we might as well do it all by ourselves).Let’s see in this guide how to create certificates or attestations without any legal value (we can’t become doctors or architects so obviously!) but we can print and release after a competition to give a funny prize, give proof of participation in an event or conference and the like.

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How to create certificates and awards

Certificates and awards are also useful at school to reward deserving students or at work to reward the best employees (especially if it is impossible to give salary increases). It is useless to go and buy certificates at the stationery, much better to download them from the internet e print them on the computer after having compiled and customized them.

Types of certificates

In this guide we put together certificates and awards even if they are different things:

  • a certificate is that piece of paper in which it is written that a person meets certain legal requirements.
  • a certificate is an award obtained following a passed exam or test.

In this guide, therefore, we do not talk about digital certificates, those concerning the protection of electronic documents or even certificates issued by the public administration, for which you must always go to the website of the ministry related to what they concern.
Here we will only find sites where to make gods certified for a joke, therefore fake and without any value.

Create certificates with Microsoft Office

As with any type of computer-generated document, the site useful for finding certificate models and examples of certificates is the Microsoft Office site; in particular, we can access the special section to download different models of Certificates.

The models on this page (without any diamonds in the upper right corner) can be downloaded for free; once downloaded we can customize them in Microsoft Word or with PowerPoint depending on whether the model is a .doc (or Docx) file or a ppt (or pptx) file.
The collection includes various certificates and above all certificates including certificates for students, certificates of merit, awards of excellence, certificates of participation, and even a kindergarten diploma.

If we don’t have Microsoft Office installed on our PC we can fix it by reading our guide All the ways to use and download Office for free.

Other sites to create certificates and awards online

In addition to Office, we can use other valid sites to create custom certificates and awards, and templates to print.

The first site where we can make fake certificates and awards is Adobe Spark, accessible for free from the official website.
Adobe Spark

On this site we can use hundreds of different certificate templates, adding personally the names and details of each certificate; at the end of the work, we can either save the certificate online (and share it) or download it to the PC to print it. Adobe Spark is available for free but a free account is required to work; Fortunately, you can immediately log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and another account.

Another site we can use is CertificateCreator, available from the official website.

With this site, we can write a new certificate online on a horizontal sheet so that we can immediately print the final result using the browser directly. Alternatively, we can also download the certificates and print them at a later time.

For those looking for something more serious, you can try looking for new certificates on the site; on this site, we find in fact the substitutive declarations of registry certifications such as notorious, generic, or specific needs.

The forms on this site are PDFs interactive, ranging completed online (by pressing the key Go to the form) and downloaded later, once ready for use. After downloading them to your computer in PDF format we can only modify them using the specific programs seen in the guide programs to edit pdf.
We also talked about this site in the guide to Templates for termination and withdrawal forms, certificates, and documents.

If we are looking for gods models and certificates for young children, we can use the models on the website of the Maestragemma, accessible from the official website.

By opening the site, all we have to do is choose the most suitable model and download it, so that we can print it and let the children color it; obviously, we can also compile the various certificates with the name of the winners.

Another site that allows you to create personalized certificates and awards and templates to print is 123Certificates, available from the official website.

Even if in English, the forms can be completed and changed completely using a form to be filled in and transformed into certificates and certificates in Italian. In the end, the certificate or awards created by the site can be printed directly from the browser, but we cannot download them locally.

Another very interesting site for creating online certificates is Venngage, accessible from the official website.

With this site, we can quickly create new certificates starting from the basic models offered or using the internal editor, which allows you to modify each part of the certificate to adapt it to our needs. At the end of the work, we can both download it and share it directly on social networks.

Among the valid sites to create certificates we also find Canva, accessible from the official website.

From this site we can design our certificate or fake awards from scratch, using simple tools made available by the editor; alternatively, we can always take advantage of one of the ready-to-use templates, so that they can subsequently be printed or downloaded locally in PDF or image format.

Another very valid site for creating personalized certificates and awards and templates to print is Crello, accessible from the official website.

On this site we can take advantage of one of the many ready-to-use templates (and also very beautiful to look at), adding the name of who to reward and other personalized details. At the end of the work, we can always download the new certificate to print it at a later time or share it online on social networks.


Creating fake certificates and awards or joking with children is really very simple and the sites from which to take inspiration are certainly not lacking, we just need to free our imagination and customize the chosen model as much as possible. Obviously, we don’t use these sites to create fake degrees or fake diplomas, as they would be easily caught (in addition to committing a crime, especially if we print fake medical certificates or degrees for work or to deceive people).

In another article, we looked at the best sites to create flyer brochures and leaflets.
For those who want to pretend to graduate online (without fooling anyone), you can read our guide sites to create a fake bachelor’s degree to print.


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