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A big flaw that Facebook has always had since the beginning is the management of contacts and, above all, of the news they publish. Those who have more than 100 friends found themselves an illegible home page, with news flowing so fast that it is impossible to read those of close friends.Furthermore, since status updates, photos, videos, links on which you have clicked “like” and even game results appear on the Facebook home, Facebook became unusable as a source of information for your circle of friends.

This problem is easily overcome thanks to Facebook friend lists, which now allow you to group contacts according to interests and filter news by type, hiding the ones that don’t interest you for each list or for each individual person.

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How to create Friends lists

Lists of friends have always been in Facebook the prerequisite if you want manage privacy properly. To quickly create lists of friends on Facebook, let’s go to the home of the social network, log in with the account in our possession then press on the left side on Friends and then on Personalized lists.
Friends lists

In the list of lists we find some preset by Facebook: With restrictions, Acquaintances e Closer friends.

The “With Restrictions” list allows you to hide non-public posts from the people included, without them knowing anything. In this way, since removing friendships is always rude, you can hide the people you don’t care about what they do and what they post.

The list Acquaintances it’s great for entering people we know by sight or don’t know very well, as they won’t be able to access all the posts we publish right away (unless they are set as public).

The list Close friends instead it has one more option, that of choosing to receive notification on Facebook when one of your closest friends posts something, as well as being able to see all the places shared with close friends (to reduce the number of people who will read the posts).

We can create a new list from scratch by clicking on Create a list and choosing the most suitable privacy settings. The button appears for each selected list Add friends to quickly add friends to the list and you can choose what types of updates to read for friends on that list.

It is currently possible create friend lists only from PC, but once created they will also be visible from smartphones and tablets: it is therefore advisable to create the lists from a computer and use them later also from the phone.

Privacy settings list

Lists are also important in privacy management, since we can choose in advance which list of friends will be able to see our posts and which ones will not see anything, even by directly accessing our profile.

When we write a new post we will be offered the possibility to choose who to share it with, by pressing immediately under our name (where we usually find Friends O Public) and selecting the list Closer friends or by pressing on Personalized.
Privacy post

In the window that opens, type the name of the list or lists that we want to read the posts we write, then press Save to make the changes effective. Friends added to the list With restrictions they will never see any of our updates or posts, unless we decide to set it as privacy Public.

If we want to change other privacy settings on Facebook based on the lists we have created, all we have to do is press the arrowhead icon at the top right, click on Settings and privacy, press on Settings and finally open the menu Privacy. From this menu we can make the privacy of the social network even more restrictive by choosing Friends or selecting one of the lists of friends, so as to make the profile (and its updates) accessible only to a limited number of people.


Facebook has greatly simplified the management of friends lists, offering very valid predefined lists and leaving the user the possibility to create his own personalized friends lists, so as to be able to decide from time to time which list will be able to access our posts (if we do not usually share posts with privacy Public).

For those who do not use Facebook for fear of privacy and for those who ask “how does dude see what i write while i don’t see what he writes?“, we are most likely included in the most restrictive list and it is not possible to access its updates.

Facebook lists are really very handy for too create social events and organize parties, so you don’t have to tag all your friends. If we want to become true experts on social blue, we can also read our guide Best Facebook tricks, so as to add features and view many more updates.


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