We can chat with friends online without having to give phone numbers or create accounts, with better free chat sites and apps

Chat without registration

Currently all popular chat apps require phone number or account creation to be able to start a conversation with friends. This path is not always feasible, without forgetting the risk of communicating personal data on apps we know nothing about.

In the guide that follows we will show you the best apps and sites to create free chat rooms without registration, so you can chat with friends quickly, without having to create an account and without having to provide a phone number.

All the apps and sites that we will report allow you to send links for private chat rooms via social media or via app, thus involving friends and trusted people with whom we talk every day; these chats are not born with the primary purpose of meeting strangerseven if nothing prevents us from creating a chat room and sharing the access link on the web.

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Windows programs to chat without login

On Windows the best app to create free chat rooms without registration is without a shadow of a doubt mIRC.


The app allows you to connect to servers and “channels”, which are nothing more than real chat rooms where anyone can access them by choosing a nickname. After choosing a nickname and a server to join we can create our private room by typing /join #nomedellastanzaqui in the message bar, taking care to create a channel not present on the chosen server.

After creating the room, all we have to do is communicate to our friends the same string used above, so that we can start chatting all together without registering and without having to provide too much personal data.

Using mIRC is not easy but this program made history of quick communications between the 1990s and 2000s and even now it can be a good point of reference for those looking for a quick way to create free chat rooms without registration.


As an alternative app to mIRC we can use qToxan open source project to create instant messaging without login and in a totally anonymous way.


The app vaguely resembles Facebook Messenger and shares with the latter the ease of use, the management of contacts and separate group chats and the possibility of make calls and video calls for free directly within the chats.

qTox is designed for anonymity and to avoid the tracing of the authorities, since there is no intermediate server and the connections are encrypted in and out, thus ensuring maximum privacy.

Mobile app to chat without login

Unfortunately there aren’t many mobile apps that allow you to chat without registering or using an account, but luckily we can hook up to the mIRC chats seen in the previous chapter and download a mIRC chat app like IRCCloudavailable free for Android.


This app brings mIRC chats to a very modern and attractive interface, with management of the individual channels very similar to that obtained with Telegram and WhatsApp. Exactly as seen on a computer, just launch the command join followed by the name of the channel we want to open (using the hash #) and share the chat name with friends to immediately start chatting for free without registration.

To find other interesting apps to chat, we suggest you read our guide to Private Chat app with encryption and protected and encrypted messages.

Sites to chat without login

On the web they are present numerous sites to chat without login, using webRTC technology to manage the entire chat within the browser window. The sites are so well done that for now it turns out to be the best method to create free chat rooms without registrationeven from mobile (where you just need to open the integrated browser and open your favorite site to start chatting immediately).



Among the best sites to create free chat rooms without registration we find Chatliba very simple and immediate chat site where you just need to enter generic information (such as nickname, gender, age and country) to start chatting immediately.

Even if the app is geared towards casual encounters, it is possible to communicate your nickname to friends, so you can chat together completely anonymously, without leaving any traces.



Another valid app to create free chat rooms without registration is Yesichata site that makes anonymity a strong point, since it is only possible to enter its rooms with the nickname.

After choosing the nickname we will enter the dedicated room, with the possibility of adding new nicknames (for example those of friends) and start chatting quickly, without having to create an account.



Among the fastest web services to create chat rooms with friends we find JumpChat, one of the simplest and safest to use to meet friends from a distance.

To use this service we click on top Start your JumpChat nowwe provide camera and microphone permissions, we press side up Add user and we retrieve the link to share with friends.

This service is geared towards videochat but nothing prevents you from exchanging traditional text messages, thanks to the chat included in the site and accessible in the sidebar immediately after logging in.



Another valid site to open private chats without registration is Volafile.org. This site provides both a chat and a file sharing service: in fact, we can upload files up to 20 GB per single file to the chat, with the security of anonymity (since the uploaded files will be deleted after 2 days from the upload).

This site is therefore the ideal choice for those looking for a free chat without registration but also looking for a service to pass large files to friends and relatives in an absolutely anonymous way (there will be no trace of the files exchanged through the chats).


Nowadays all services and apps ask for an account (often with the phone number) in order to start a simple chat service with friends. Whatever your need, above we have collected the apps and sites to create free chat rooms without registration, sharing only generic information such as nickname, gender and country of origin (in some cases only the nickname).

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