Best free sites to create invitations for parties or events customized and with graphic quality.

Online party
Organize a party it is always challenging and many carefully avoid giving their availability to organize anything! Fortunately, today we have the Internet to be able to quickly organize a party and send invitations to all participants, so we can save time and money and get a better result than simple postcards or signs posted on the walls.In the guide that follows we will show you how to create invitations for a party or to organize an event directly online, using services and apps within everyone’s reach. Organizing large birthday parties or other themed events will be much easier and at times even fun.

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Facebook it is certainly the best site to organize a party and invite all friends and / or relatives, also given its massive use on all modern devices. To organize a party we open the Facebook site, press the left side on Other, click on Events and finally on Create a new event.

In the new page we choose Online to create an online party (with live streaming on Messenger Rooms) or on In person to create a live party, we assign a name to the event (like Birthday O Anniversary), choose a date, set the right level of privacy (we can choose Private to make it visible only to invited people or choose directly Just friends O Group), choose whether the guests can invite their friends in turn, indicate the meeting place where the party will be held, choose from the list of friends (or select them all and finally publish the announcement.

All invited friends will receive a notification on Facebook where they will be invited to give availability; if we have organized an online party, the notification will also arrive on Messenger, where the virtual party will actually take place (where all users will be connected via video call).


Instead of Facebook we can also use WhatsApp to create invitations for a party or to organize an event. Opening the WhatsApp app, all we have to do is press the new messages icon, press on New group, select the friends to invite and finally organize directly via chat, voice messages and video calls.
Party video call

Using WhatsApp is simple and allows you to Unlimited free group video calls, so that we can also organize surprise parties or online parties by inviting only people we know.

If we use the PC it is possible to do WhatsApp video calls without problems, just install the specific app for Windows and Mac and synchronize with the app on your phone.

Instead of WhatsApp we can also use Telegram, increasingly used and in many ways better than WhatsApp, thanks to the management of groups and super groups.

Create paper or digital invitation cards

If the methods seen so far are not sufficient to create invitations for a party or to organize an event, we can always use one of the sites or services listed below to create paper or digital invitations, to be distributed later to friends and relatives.

1) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a tool that seeks to simplify the invitation planning process with a clear and simple to use interface. As already described Adobe Spark allows you to create videos and images for online projects and you can use it for free.

On Spark there are several graphics templates that you can choose from depending on the celebration: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings and baptisms. On the page you can write other details about the party, for example write the theme, the reasons, the recommended dress, what you eat, what you offer, how much you pay and so on. After setting all the details of the event, there will, of course, be the option to forward the invitations via email.

2) Anyvite

Anyvite is a simple, feature-rich internet service for creating online invitations to send to friends. Anyvite has many more functions of Atomeet if it were used to its full potential to create highly detailed invitations.

The first thing you do with Anyvite is create the event: give a name, a place, a date, and some information; then you can choose the graphic style among the various themes available or by uploading photos and images from Flickr or from your computer. To send the invitation to friends, you can either send it via email or share or send only the internet address of the web page with the event so that they can register to participate, without having to receive an email.

The nice thing is the amount of options available: for example, you can give the possibility that a guest says that “maybe” is coming or specify that you can bring a friend or, again, that you can come with anyone you want, having a party open to the public.

Then there is the possibility of programming a remind of the party that is sent by email, for example, 3 days before or the day before. You can receive invitations, updates and reminders via email or messaging platform. Events can also be imported directly into your Outlook, Google or Yahoo account, for those who like to organize their life with these great online calendars.

3) Canva

Canva is another excellent online platform to create a personal site with a personalized URL, which contains the invitation and description of parties, meetings, ceremonies and events in general. After the creation of the mini site, you can send the invitation to friends and receive their subscriptions directly from that web page.

In the invitation, the map is automatically created to indicate the street of the party and you can enter all the details you want, personalizing it by adding your own photos or images.

4) Vistaprint

Vistaprint is a website that allows you to draw through a convenient editor interface tickets and personalized invitations that are then to be printed, for payment.

After trying Vistaprint, I can guarantee fast and safe shipping and very good print quality.


Finally, for those looking for traditional paper invitations we can always use the sites to create flyers, where you can also find models inspired by parties and birthdays.

If, on the other hand, we are getting married and we want to creatively invite guests, we can also use our article on how create free wedding invitations and wedding invitations.


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