Everyone at home has or has had posters stuck on the wall! I’m talking about large printed images or posters that are often found in small evening markets or by street vendors in the historic centers of big cities, where there are enlarged posters of cinema films and great classics, sports characters, famous paintings, familiar faces, famous people, beautiful girls, written rules of life and so on. The posters often also make us think of the garbage that is posted on the walls during political elections or of advertising billboards and of choreographic ones for stadiums or concerts. In many schools, universities, and also, sometimes in companies and offices, it is customary to put up a motivational poster or a large poster with the basic rules, for example, of chemistry or economics on the walls.The poster is more than a photo, it is a large image that captures the eye and is easily remembered. Let’s see in this guide the best free programs to create posters, so you can print them from home and hang them exactly as they once did. In addition to the programs, we will also show you the sites where you can immediately download posters and posters free.

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How to make posters and posters

Although the printing of a poster or even a large poster can be done with a normal color printer, I cannot underestimate the fact that it will consume a lot of ink. In addition to the simple photo, we can zoom in on an image or photo, maybe turning it into a vector image.

Programs to create posters and posters

To create a personalized poster on your computer starting from an image, some can be used free programs and alternatives.

The first program we can try is Rasterbator, available for download from the official website.

The software allows you to divide an image into small pieces to be printed on an A4 sheet, with the normal home printer, and then assembler manually. The use of the program is quite simple: you load the image by selecting it from those of the computer, you choose the size of every single box in which it will be broken up, you define the desired size of the poster, in width and height (you can even make a banner of 20 meters), specify the color settings and then proceed with printing.
Rasterbator creates huge images from any photo used.

Another program that we can use on PC is Easy Poster Printer, available for download from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.
Easy Poster Printer

Easy Poster Printer is a great free Windows program, to print posters and large images from your PC even with a normal printer and A4 sheets (or even use larger sheets if possible). The program allows you to divide the high-resolution image or photo into many boxes and print them one after the other in different sheets which will then be reassembled and glued together. With it, you can print large posters up to 20 meters by 20.

If we are looking for another great program to create posters and posters on PC we can try PostRazor, available for download from the official website.

PosteRazor is a very small and simple open-source software that allows you to easily make your own poster or poster at home. To try Posterazor, all you need is an idea and a standard color printer.
PosteRazor takes any image as an input file, cuts it into pieces that can be printed individually on normal A4 sheets, full page. The cut pieces can then be assembled by hand into a complete poster, gluing the edges together.
PosteRazor has a very simple interface and can be downloaded and used on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers. It supports a large number of image formats like – BMP, DDS, GIF, ICO, IFF, JBIG, JPEG / Jif, PNG, PPM, Photoshop PSD, TIFF, and many more.

If you don’t want to install any program on your PC, you can also create online posters to print on web applications, as seen in our guide Create online posters with images and writings also to print.

Poster free to download on your PC

If we have no imagination and still want to create a poster to print to beautify the walls of a room or for other purposes, we can always download some great images or photos for pre-made, very beautiful, and themed posters. The best sites to download posters are:

  • Movie Poster Archive is the largest archive of movie posters with the posters of the most famous American films. There are truly remarkable pieces of film history and the website lists them alphabetically or by year of release.
  • TypographicPosters contains poster is typographical. Typography would be the art of arranging typefaces in a way that is pleasing to the eye. This site offers around 400 categories of posters of any kind and really very beautiful and artistic to be seen. Once you open the image to use as a poster you will notice that it has small dimensions, so just change the letter in the link of the address bar m with the letter l and see it in full resolution, savable and printable. On the site, there is also a box to search for a theme or topic you want the poster for.
  • Block Posters allows you to quickly create posters or posters starting from the images loaded from your PC or choosing an image from the web.

These posters can be downloaded as images on your PC, for free and can then be printed with one of the programs seen above.


Creating posters or posters with PC programs is really very simple: we choose the right one for us, divide the chosen image into various parts and reassemble it carefully so that we can also print large formats without having to get our hands on a printer professional (can also print in a billboard or poster format). If we are denied, we can always download the ready-to-use posters and make them into fragments, so that we can recreate movie posters, famous actors and singers, and anything else to hang in the bedroom or bedroom.

Still, on the subject, we can read our guides Write on images to create virtual posters with writings and quotes e Different scenarios, backgrounds, and bodies in which to put your face.


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