Best websites to create surveys to be sent via Email, on Facebook, or to embed on a website.

online surveys
Surveys can be very useful tools to understand the opinion of people or a group of friends. Nowadays it is possible to create new online surveys, forms, questionnaires, and questions without having to download anything, using convenient websites that can be managed with a simple web browser even from a mobile. Creating an online survey is not only useful in the political or journalistic field, but it can be very useful for receiving opinions from friends about a project or an important event.In this guide we will show you how to create online surveys and questionnaires, using only free tools that are easy to use by people with any level of experience, from novice people with PCs to bank employees.

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How to create online surveys

There are so many sites that allow you to create surveys, questionnaires, and online forms, below we have collected only the most effective, simple, and above all always free, so you can create an unlimited number of surveys without having to pay anything.

Google modules

We can create surveys online using Google modules, an integral part of the Google Docs suite and available from the official website.
Google modules

Creating a new blank form is possible to write a question and give some possible answers with a multiple-choice box. Since Google Docs is all in Italian, there should be no technical difficulties in following the procedure for creating the survey or questionnaire. Scrolling through the initial gallery we can also find ready-to-use templates for questionnaires, organization of meetings, order requests, and much more.

At the end of the work, we can send the form via Email, while the answers are recorded in a table of which you can see the summary with the result of the survey and the percentages of votes. The form can also be embedded within a website.
To learn more about the use of this online service, we invite you to read the guide Create multiple-choice forms online in Google Forms.


Another valid site for creating surveys and questionnaire forms is Doodle, available from the official website.

With this site, we can create quick polls by clicking on the top right Create a Doodle and choosing the topic of the discussion and the various items to choose from. In addition to surveys, this site offers the tools to organize an event and to plan it, so as to know in advance who will participate and who will not be part of it.
If we want to keep a track of the surveys carried out and check the results even after various times, it is advisable to sign up for a free account by pressing the top right on Sign up and filling in all the required information.


Another very good site for creating online surveys, forms, questionnaires, and questions is SurveyMonkey, available from the official website.

This site prides itself on being one of the simplest to conduct a survey – just click on Get started right away, indicate the question and the 10 possible answers (free) and, once ready, share it via email or via social media. Each time a person responds to the survey we will receive an email notification and we will always be able to check the progress of the survey by opening the appropriate link.
Also on this site, we can keep the surveys carried out and create more complex ones by registering a free account; to proceed let’s go to the homepage and click on Subscribe at the top right.


To create a professional-type survey, to be used at school or office, we can use SurveyOnline, available from the official website.

By registering a free account we will be able to create an unlimited number of questions with an unlimited number of participants, but we can only get 350 answers for free; the limit is however very high and allows you to respond effectively to short surveys or surveys with a limited number of responses.
If we want to get even more answers, it is better to bet on one of the subscriptions offered by the site, so that we can receive 3500 answers or more.

Other online survey sites

Other tools that allow you to create online surveys with links to send via EMail, with Facebook, or to be incorporated into a web page:

  • TypeForm is the online tool that creates surveys and questions in the most beautiful graphic style to see.
  • Microsoft Forms, very similar to Google Forms, to create questionnaires that can be integrated into Office or that can be shared online.
  • JotForm, which can be used for free with some limitations, is one of the most used and most powerful online tools for creating forms of all kinds. The web application allows you to import an existing form from web pages or a PDF file and has many graphic templates to use.
  • Survey Planet is another professional tool that can be used for free to do almost limitless surveys.


There are many other sites to create personalized surveys and questionnaires to be published on the internet or to be sent via email but they are all basically the same, so you should choose one of the best ones above and use them to immediately create online surveys, forms, questionnaires and questions for schools. work, for organized events, or for fun.

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