Disc covers Creating covers for DVDs or CDs of films, music or video games is seen as a boring activity, to the point that many users end up leaving the various disks stored without criteria with a poor adhesive label on them or with a writing made with the felt tip pen.
Another need may have a user who intends to distribute their video creations, company presentations or special event films (see professional photographers), on DVDs packaged well with a personalized cover.
Whatever our need, in this guide we will show you how to create or download CD / DVD covers for albums and movies using online resources (for commercial film covers) and programs dedicated to the purpose, so as to have neat covers. 

Download and create covers for CDs and DVDs

For those who care about create covers various sites are available from which to download and print directly the necessary material plus some programs designed for the purpose, so that you can choose from time to time the method to be used.

Sites for downloading CD and DVD covers

Conver Century is one of the best sites to download covers for DVDs and CDs.
Conver Century

All the recently released films and music albums are present, so you can download the desired cover in high quality immediately. To search for something, just type the name of the album or movie in the search field at the top right then press on submit to scroll through the list of results.

Another site we can use to find DVD Video or Blu-ray Video covers is Universal Covers.
Universal Covers

From this site it is possible to download the complete covers of all the films released in recent years; the covers not only include the front but also the back, where information about the film, the director and the various labels are usually present.

Another site with a simple interface to search for CD and DVD covers is SlothRadio Covers.
Covers SlothRadio

From the interface of this site we can search for the covers of all the CDs and DVDs on the market, choosing the right category (Music or Movies) in the toolbar and using the text fields offered to enter the necessary details; when ready we just have to press on Search! and scroll through the list of results, so you can download the desired cover.

Another site worth mentioning is Paper CD Case, a valid tool to create our personalized CD cover yourself.
Paper CD Case

With this web application we will be able to create the music CD covers, without the possibility of inserting the images but we can create a personal cover with the titles of the songs, the name of the artist and the eventual title of the disc (which can also be customized). At the end of the creation we can download a convenient PDF file, to be printed on paper and cut out later.

Programs to download and create CD / DVD covers

If we want to act directly from our PC with a dedicated program, we recommend starting with Print Covers, ideal for printing covers previously downloaded to our computer.
Print Covers

Once the program has been downloaded, just insert the first image and the second image of the cover and press the button at the top Print, so that we can quickly print the covers for our CDs or DVDs / Blu-ray discs.

Another free program that we can use to download covers directly from a PC is Album Art Downloader.
Album Art Downloader

Through various scripts we can search for the covers of any music album and artist, simply by filling in the fields Artist is Album and pressing the button Search. In a few seconds we will see all the covers indexed by the main music distribution sites and online image sites, so you can choose the one with the best quality.

Alternatively, we can use the CD Click I-Studio program to quickly create the covers of our CDs and DVDs.
CD Click I-Studio

With this program we will be able to create new covers for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, MiniCD, MiniDVD, CD Card (BVD Digital Business Card), in particular if we need a new personalized cover for our works. With this program you can create ISO files, burn the ISO and print covers, covers, labels.

Finally we wanted to point out the Disketch Disc Label Software program, designed for professional use.
Disketch Disc Label

With it we will be able to create personal DVD covers from scratch, personally choosing the background image (to cover the entire cover), title, subtitles and other personalized details. At the end of the work we will be able to print everything on paper, so we can cut out the cover in the right size for a case for optical discs.


Although now optical discs are slowly disappearing, there are still many users and professionals who decide to print the covers for their music albums or for their digital works: both if we are simple passionate collectors and if we are photographers by profession, here at the top we will certainly find the site or program that is right for us.

In another guide we showed you how How to print labels on DVDs and CDs with the recorder, an operation which has almost completely fallen into disuse, but which can be a pleasure to meet among silk screen enthusiasts.
Always on the subject of covers, we can customize our experience by reading the guide to Rename MP3, manage ID3 tags and album covers and music on PC and using the best free programs to manage music on your computer (Windows).


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