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When we see a newscast or the end of a film, we always notice the presence of the sliding writings, which are dynamically added by the direction both during live shooting and on the videos already recorded.
If you like this particular sliding written effect (also called hunchback or teleprompter) and we want to apply it to the next video being processed on the PC, in this guide we will show you which programs to use and which procedures to follow to create videos with sliding writings in teleprompter style, so that we can give a professional touch to our works and add a “newscast” effect or end credits to the videos we upload on sharing platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion.READ ALSO: Editing videos with writings, photos and music, easy and free

How to create sliding videos for humpbacks and teleprompters

To make it easier for you to work even in a semi-professional or professional context, we will try to report only the programs and Web apps available for free or with a free trial version, so that we can carefully evaluate what to buy if you use video teleprompters for work.

Teleprompter Pro

The best program we can use to create videos with scrolling text is Teleprompter Pro, available with a free trial on every PC with Windows 10.
Teleprompter Pro

By installing this program on our computer we will have all the tools necessary to create sliding writings on a black background (for hunchbacks or for the final scenes of an amateur film) or to add sliding writings to an already made video. The various options of the program allow you to vary the size and font of the text but also change the color, the scrolling speed, the amount of text present and the preview of the text to be launched, so as to be sure of obtaining the right speed of scrolling. Once satisfied with the result we can export the new video with scrolling text to be able to use it in another video-editing program or to load it as a “hunchback” in a dedicated projector.
If the program convinces you, we can unlock all the functions by purchasing it from the Microsoft Store for € 8.99.

EasyPrompter (Web)

Another free tool with which we can create videos with scrolling writings is EasyPrompter, available as a free Web app accessible after registering (also free).

Inside the Web interface we can quickly create our video with scrolling text by typing in the text field offered on the right side (with lots of keys to change font size and formatting) and pressing the key Start Prompter. A new full screen window will open where we will have to press the Play button at the bottom to start scrolling the created text.
Using it in combination with a monitor or a large TV allows you to create very effective “humpbacks”, even if most of the functions (including the export of the video files shot) are available only with the subscription version.

Cueprompter (Web)

Another free tool that can be used directly within the web browser, without installing anything on the PC, is Cueprompter.

This site is really very simple to use and is completely free, that is, you do not need to pay any subscription or Pro version to be able to use it. Once the website is open, type the text that will make up our hunchback or teleprompter in the text field offered, choose some of the text features in the options below then press the button Start prompter to start the web player.
A new all-black browser window will open with the text clearly visible: to use it as a real hunchback, press the F11 key to put the window full screen, then press the symbol at the top Forward to start scrolling the hunchback at the slowest speed. By pressing again on Forward will increase the scrolling speed while using the button Reverse we can slow down or reverse the text.

Online Teleprompter (Web)

If we are looking for a web program translated into Italian to obtain a video with flowing writings, we recommend that you immediately try Teleprompter online.
Online teleprompter

In a simple window, simply enter the text to be scrolled in the field visible in the center, then press the button Prompt! to start playback. Also in this case, as on other similar sites seen so far, a new screen will open with scrolling text, at which we can change the playback speed and the font size. To manage playback just use the buttons on the top left, while for the full screen just press F11 on our web browser.

Zacue teleprompter (Web)

Finally, we also wanted to point out the Zacue website, which probably has the most complete and customizable teleprompter among those available online for free.
Zacue teleprompter

In the screen that will appear once the site is open, write or paste the text that we want to scroll on our video, use the buttons at the bottom to change the color of the text, the font size and the speed of execution then press on Start prompter to start the video.
The prompter playback screen will open immediately with the chosen text and the set speed; to control playback we can use the space bar to stop and start, scroll the mouse wheel to change the speed and use the two mouse buttons to move from one line to another or to go back. As already seen, we can replicate the hunchback by pressing F11 and thus using the entire computer screen to display only the scrolling text.


In the control room and in post-production there are much more advanced tools than those shown in this guide, but for those who want to start understanding how the world of television really works, it can be really useful to know immediately the free tools that allow you to create video with sliding teleprompter style writing.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for valid programs to modify and add text during filming or to separate one chapter from another, we invite you to read our guide Best programs to edit videos for free.
If instead the idea of ​​editing online videos without installing anything tickles you, we can find other valid sites in our article Online video montage to edit videos with remixes and special effects.


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