Cubbit: Cloud Storage geo-distribuito per MSP, system integrator e reseller

According to a very popular joke among computer scientists “The Cloud is just someone else’s computer”. This is of course a simplification but not without an element of truth. In many cases, in fact, Cloud providers use centralized Data Centers in which they store their users’ data. This type of configuration is often chosen for reasons of practicality, as maintenance becomes simpler and this also guarantees greater cost containment.

So far so good but what would happen if the only available Data Center suffered a breakdown, was involved in an attack or was hit by a natural disaster? The risk is that the data becomes inaccessible and, in the worst cases, could be lost. Cubbitan Europen company specialized in Cloud Storage solutions, has found a solution to this danger thanks to geo-distribution.

What are the security benefits of this approach? Let’s find out through the advantages of the Partner Program provided for System Integrators, resellers and Managed Service Providers.

Cubbit’s geo-distributed Cloud Storage

Cubbit offers a platform of Cloud Storage geo-distribuito with which the data is not stored in a single Data Center. In fact, the basis of the service is a peer-to-peer network divided into multiple nodes where each node is connected to others and the managed information is distributed simultaneously across multiple devices located in different geographical positions. The risks deriving from the presence of only one are thus avoided point-of-failureas would happen in the case of centralized Data Centers.

In any case, geo-distribution takes place in a technical infrastructure located within European borders, in Europe. In this way the digital data sovereignty and compliance with EU regulations regulating their treatment, conservation and protection is guaranteed. Cubbit provides a service GDPR compliant 100% and is a partner of Gaia-X, an initiative that, based on European values, develops digital governance that can be applied to any Cloud stack for transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability between data and services .


Cubbit also guarantees data security through a process that involves three other phases in addition to geo-distribution. With the first the information is encrypted via AES-256 encryption algorithm so that they are inaccessible to anyone who wants to spy on or steal them. The encrypted data is then divided in various portions so that a specific node corresponds to only a individually unusable fraction of them. Finally, fragmentation is added to the redundancy, i.e. the replication of data, which will thus be available even if one of the nodes were to malfunction. It is therefore always possible to reconstruct information starting from the fragments into which it has been divided.

It is therefore no coincidence that Cubbit’s geo-distributed Cloud Storage is used to store and protect particularly sensitive information such as that managed by Leonardo’s cyber analysis center, by large companies such as Granarolo and Bonfiglioli, European institutions and PAs.

Cubbit Security

Cubbit, a partner program dedicated to MSPs, resellers and System Integrators

With a data durability of 99.999999999%, Cubbit presents itself as an ideal partner for professionals and businesses, from small startups to more structured companies. As well as for service distributors, IT consultants, System Integrator, reseller ed MSP (Managed Service Provider) who, through the Cubbit partner program, can see margins, profits and customers grow also thanks to a solution with which they can save 80% compared to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. The prices are CapEx-friendly and therefore designed to reduce and optimize investments, there are no hidden costs and it is possible to establish a budget and then respect it without surprises.

Cubbit partners are then given more advantageous discounts and exit and transfer costs are eliminated. Finally, dedicated multilingual support is always available, technical documentation, co-webinars and marketing material with which to master the features offered.

Joining the Cubbit partner program also means focusing on a company that guarantees full sovereignty over the data, allowing you to define the geographical area in which it must be stored in compliance with GDPR, CCPA and ACN (formerly AgID). This is demonstrated by periodic checks carried out by independent bodies, with which Cubbit has achieved ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certifications. Let’s talk about the rest of a company that has over 170 business customers and which in 2021 was selected as one of the 30 best deep tech scaleups in Europe by EIC Scaling Up.


Awarded by organizations such as the European Commission, CERN, TIM, Mastercard, Climate-KIC and Next Generation Internet, Cubbit offers an ACN-qualified and MePa-enabled geo-distributed Cloud Storage solution. Its innovation and safety features have been recognized through Cybersecurity Made in Europe Label and his commitment to the sustainability has allowed us to develop an approach to storage that allows us to use up to 60% less capacity than traditional alternatives.


Cubbit: a partner program dedicated to safety

By joining the Cubbit partner program you can access a secure control panel, simple to use and optimized for scalability. A Dashboard Multi-Tenancy with which just a few minutes are enough to create your customers’ accounts.

Multi-site versioning e Multi-site object locking guarantee that the stored data is always available, intact and processed in compliance with Data Retention regulations. The information protected by the geo-distributed Cloud Storage cannot be altered or removed, furthermore, multiple versions of each file are stored with the possibility of tracking all the changes made at any time.

Versioning and object locking also represent an inviolable defense against the action of ransomware. The authors of the latter focus on the “kidnapping” of data through encryption to ask for a “ransom”, without however any guarantee that the stolen information will return to the legitimate owners. That’s why Cubbit also supports the creation of immutable backups thanks to the integration with Veeam, a true standard for generating and restoring data backups.

Cubbit Partner Program


Geo-distribution, versioning and data immutability are now essential features for the protection of information allocated in the Cloud, while centralized Data Centers are not able to guarantee the same level of protection. Cubbit presents a partner program based on its geo-distributed Cloud Storage platform which allows MSPs, system integrators and resellers to guarantee maximum security to their customers, even against ransomware-based cyber attacks.

In collaboration with Cubbit


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