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Cyber ​​security, what the threats are and how to recognize them

In a world where it is unthinkable to conceive of living without the Internetit is clear how crucial it is to delve into cybersecurity topic. A very broad area that goes from the protection of minors online, through the blocking of potentially harmful sites and assistance to parents in monitoring their children’s activity, to the protection of online transactions, preserving users’ privacy and personal data. And unfortunately, compared to the countless dangers that lurk on the web, the level of awareness is still low.

Cyber ​​security, what is meant and how to do it

In short, cybersecurity consists of all of technologies, tools and procedures aimed at protect electronic devices from potential attacks. Which means maintaining the integrity and availability of systems, as well as protecting the information and assets they contain.

These include: server, computer, smartphonebut also IoT devices like smart light bulbs or security cameras, and the cloud. The type of cyber threat varies depending on the device and the hacker’s goals.

It is also fundamental consider the “human factor” which often represents the weak point in security chains. In addition to the use of specialized software such as antivirus and antimalware, careful vigilance on the part of users is required to prevent hackers from bypassing security measures.

How to secure your PC

In the world of cybersecurity, understand the enemy it is essential to defeat him. Defining a cybersecurity strategy presupposes the analysis of the factors that represent the greatest threats to the integrity and functioning of the computer. Regardless of the operating system because today also macOS and Linux, like Windowsare not exempt from cyber attacks.

It is therefore necessary to understand what malware is, what malware families are, how they operate and which defense tools to adopt. Why many threats go unnoticed even for the most experienced users.

To be able to choosing the right software is crucial to ensure the inviolability of the IT system. But it’s just as important get to know the actors who are behind these attacks and understand how they behave.

Why smartphones need to be protected

Given the growing number of apps installed for playing games, editing photos, writing emails, checking the bank account and so on, protect your smartphone from potential hacker attacks is crucial. To prevent cybercriminals from accessing personal and professional information, you must arm yourself with antivirus and antimalwarebut also take the necessary precautions in every situation that arises. In fact, even a harmless message could hide a hacker lurking and put people in danger who, with their phone always in their pocket, can be easily identified.

It all starts from phishing and social engineering

Although the attack techniques used by cybercriminals may seem different, in reality they all derive from two main categories: phishing e social engineering. A malware spreading campaign could start with e-mail di phishingwhile a scam with approaches based on social engineeringwhich allow attackers to collect information about the victim’s habits and behavior.

Thanks to the use of automation tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, cybercriminals can launch malware campaigns without having to constantly supervise them. Furthermore, the attacks launched can become “intelligent” and learn to evade the defenses put in place by the victim.

Artificial intelligence, how cybersecurity is changing

Companies specializing in cybersecurity have been investing in solutions based on for some time intelligenza artificiale, machine learning e deep learning, paving the way for a new era in cybersecurity. In the very near future, users will have access to highly advanced tools to protect their data and devices, surpassing current antivirus and antimalware in terms of performance.

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