Cybercrime, alarm in New York: cases increased by 53% in 6 years

If he cybercrimine is a global phenomenon, with large-scale attacks disrupting entire countries, there are some entities particularly targeted by cyber criminals. In the American context and, more precisely, a New Yorkthe proportions of this threat now seem worrying to say the least.

According to a report released today by the State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoliIn fact, the Big Apple has suffered an increase in cyber attacks equal to 53% between 2016 and 2022. In fact, New York has gone from 16.426 reported cases in 2016 ai 25.112 of last year.

In addition to individual incidents, however, what worries the New York authorities are the offensives against critical infrastructures, with a net increase in recent months. The numbers, overall, are worrying to say the least: estimated losses in New York due to cyber attacks in 2022 amount to over 775 million dollarswhile the losses at national level amount to 10.3 billion dollars.

Cybercrime in New York: ransomware worries experts

In this regard, DiNapoli clarified how “Cyberattacks pose a serious threat to New York’s critical infrastructure, economy, and our daily lives“.

He then added how, in this context, i ransomware are one of the most feared dangers”Data breaches at companies and institutions that collect large amounts of personal information expose New Yorkers to potential invasions of privacy, identity theft and fraud. Also concerning is the rise in ransomware attacks that can shut down the systems we rely on for water, electricity, healthcare and other needs. Safeguarding our state from cyber attacks requires sustained investment, coordination and vigilance“.

Compared to other states, New York recorded the third highest number of ransomware attacks (135, behind only California and Texas) and corporate data breaches (238) in 2022. The American metropolis also recorded the fourth highest number of cybercrime victims in the nation in 2022, with losses skyrocketing: in this case, we are talking about a 632% increase dal 2016.


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