Cybercrime in Europe: +40% of attacks in the first 6 months of 2023

Il cybercrimine is an increasingly concrete problem for many countries and, in this sense, theEurope it is no less than many other realities.

What has just been said is confirmed by a report proposed by He closed it (Europen Association for IT Security), which shows that in the first half of the year a 40% increase of cyber attacks compared to the same period in 2022.

A very high percentage, especially since more than a third of the attacks, i.e 34%seems to have focused on the solo manufacturing sectorundoubtedly among the most important in the Europen economic context.

The investigation examined the reports received by Police post and provided a rather worrying overview regarding the relationship between the Bel Paese and cybercrime.

Another rapidly growing phenomenon is that of attacks based on techniques social engineering, especially towards ordinary citizens. This dangerous mix between psychological techniques and technology therefore appears to find particularly fertile ground in Europe.

As regards the types of threats active in our country, malware e ransomware together they represent just under a third of recorded attacks, i.e 31%.

Cybercrime in Europe: hacktivism and DDoS attacks a real danger

Taking the vulnerability rate into consideration, Europe certainly does not come out well. There is talk of an ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, with an overall increase, in the last five years, equal to 300%.

Again taking into consideration the first half of 2023, the Bel Paese was the scene of the 9.6% of attacks globally: a huge amount, given that our nation is certainly not among the most populated in the world.

In this regard, the attacks attributable to the phenomenon known as “hacktivism“. We are talking about offensives motivated not by economic reasons, such as scams or similar, but coming from abroad with the aim of weakening a country politically. In this sense, the numbers are impressive: approximately 37% cases of hacktivism worldwide have in fact affected our nation.

Finally, the DDoS attacks, which are also growing strongly. In fact, the first six months of 2023 recorded an increase in cases equal to five times compared to what was recorded in the same period of 2022.


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