Dashlane: 25 password limit for free accounts starting next month

Starting with the next one November 7, 2023the free version of the password manager Dashlane will face a significant limitation.

The supported passwords, in fact, can be maximum 25. On a practical level, attempts to save new passwords beyond this number will fail and the only way to memorize them will be to delete those already saved previously or to switch to the paid version.

This restriction, however, is not the only one for users of Dashlane’s free plan. From December 7, 2023in fact, the platform will limit the support (both via email and chat) to paid subscribers only.

On the official blog of the password manager it is stated how the limits were necessary to “Focus resources on providing the highest level of service, support and security“.

How to save excess passwords on your free Dashlane account

To secure your data, you can export passwords saved on Dashlane, so that they can then be imported onto another similar service.

In this sense, you need to log in to your account on the platform and, within it, go to my accountSettingsExport dataExport to CSV.

This way you can save a list of passwords on a file CSV. This particular format should, in most cases, make importing to a new password manager very easy. Regardless, once the import is finished, we recommend that you securely delete the file to avoid theft or similar.

And what about the alternative? Managing your passwords is something very delicate and relying on a special manager is a very wise choice.

Of course, there are several platforms that offer a similar service. Remaining in the free context, however, it undoubtedly deserves a mention KeePassa software open source among the most appreciated in the sector.


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