Data SIM for IoT and home automation, even with static IP: how to choose them

Data SIM for IoT and home automation, even with static IP: how to choose them

According to the most updated forecasts, the number of IoT devices activities in Europe has grown exponentially over the last few years and the Internet of Things segment is destined to “explode” within a few years. According to the European Commission, IoT devices connected in the Member States of the Union will rise to 49 billion by 2026; the global Internet of Things market will rise from 216 billion euros in 2023 to 1,320 billion by 2030. SIM to give for IoT and home automation they therefore play an essential role for the remote management of a wide range of connected devices.

An IoT device cannot always be connected to a local WiFi network, much less in wired mode. What can be done in these cases, then, for send and receive data?

Possible solutions consist of using a modem integrated, in the presence of a USB port useful for connecting aInternet key” or an external modem, when establishing a WiFi connection to an access point which itself has a slot for inserting the SIM card. The latter device can offer theInternet access to a set of IoT devices used in the area covered by the WiFi signal.

Ehiweb protagonist of the IoT revolution with its data SIMs: here’s how they work

Data SIMs for the IoT sector are revolutionizing the way connected devices communicate and interact. With a continuous focus on security, network coverage and new technologies, Ehiweb promises innovation e growthpaving the way for an increasingly interconnected and intelligent ecosystem.

Internet of Things devices usually exchange a reduced amount of data but they must always be connected to the network to transfer the information collected to hub and centralized management and control systems.

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This is why, with the precise aim of meeting the different needs of a vast audience of users, Ehiweb presents various data SIM plans capable of satisfying the requests of professional customers as well as those of users consumer.

When you are about to choose a SIM only data for your applications, it is important to keep in mind some fundamental aspects. The SIM card represents the communication interface of the IoT device with “the outside world”. If you opt for a SIM with Public IP, the device in which the card is inserted is reachable from any host connected to the Internet. This means that it can be administered directly remotely, for example by connecting remotely to your administration panel.

Ehiweb IoT SIM with static and public IP

This is not common among telecommunications operators, also considering the shortage of IPv4 addresses available today, Ehiweb offers subscription plans for data-only SIMs which provide the possibility, for each interested customer, to request and obtain an address Static IP and public.

This means that the IoT device in which the SIM card provided by Ehiweb is inserted will always be reachable remotely with the exact same public IP. This address never changes over time and offers the concrete possibility of connecting to its interface wherever you are, from any device.

Suppose the IoT device has aWeb administration interface which responds on TCP port 443 (HTTPS): inserting the Ehiweb SIM card and establishing a connection with the mobile network, from a PC or mobile terminal connected to any other network, just type https:// followed by the static public IP of the IoT device to receive a response, log in and administer the device remotely.

Obviously, in these cases it is advisable to adequately protect the IoT device avoiding exposing doors of unnecessary communications, using robust communications protocols (i.e. encryption end-to-end), by setting “strong” authentication credentials and preferably limiting addresses Public IPs that can connect remotely.

SIMs with Ehiweb private IP are even cheaper

Ehiweb offers the possibility of buy data SIM starting from 2.95 euros per month. This is a particularly aggressive price that puts you in a position to make money smart any device in the Internet of Things world.

In this case, the public IP address with which the IoT device appears on the network is shared between multiple devices of several customers of the telecommunications operator. Once the Ehiweb data SIM card has been inserted and activated mobile connectionthe customer’s device is not – as in the previous case – directly reachable via public IP but can still send and receive data with remote hosts.

This is the right choice for those who are not interested in reaching their IoT device via a dedicated public IP but still want to receive data in real time. The fact that the device is an integral part of a configuration that involves the use of the NAT technique (Network Address Translation) does not exclude, as we were saying, the possibility of establishing long-distance interactions.

Ehiweb SIM data plans

SIMs suitable for connecting to cloud services and establishing reverse connection

The Ehiweb SIM with private IP they are the best option for devices that rely on the cloud and therefore constantly send data to a remote server. And the server cloud which, after authentication, recognizes the client device, processes the data and makes it available to the client, for example, through a dashboard Web. In these configurations, it is not necessary to connect to the individual IoT device but simply refer to the control panel offered by a web application hosted on the cloud.

SIM data private IP sending data to the cloud

Alternatively, the user is still free to set up and use one reverse connection to communicate directly with the IoT device equipped with an Ehiweb SIM and based on a private IP.

With the expression reverse connection we are referring to a type of connection in which the IoT device begins communication with a server or other remote device, instead of waiting for an incoming connection. This approach is useful, precisely, when IoT devices cannot use a public IP address, are behind firewalls or on networks “nattate“.

In short, it is a “reverse connection” which proves practical in multiple scenarios because it allows operators and developers to easily reach and manage remote devices even when they are behind complex networks. The scheme reverse connection it also favors the scalability, because a single central system can simultaneously manage incoming connections from numerous IoT products. All without having to use a large number of public IP addresses.

Activation of a backup connection on modem-router

Ehiweb’s data-only SIMs are also an excellent choice as backup connection. By activating a plan from 2.95 euros per month upwards, you get a SIM card that can be used on your router xDSL/LTE (hybrids). In fact, some router models offer the dual connectivity: in case of problems with the wired connection, you can continue to browse with the Ehiweb SIM without changing anything on the devices connected downstream of the router, via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

Ehiweb itself supplies some modem-router models with ADSL/VDSL and LTE (mobile connectivity) support: by combining wired connectivity with the data SIM, you are sure of being able to continue working even in the event of temporary unavailability of the main connection.

Ehiweb data SIM: why choose them and the differences with other providers

When preparing to deploy a network based on the use of data SIMs, it is important to be able to rely on a supplier capable of offering real-time assistance and a series of exclusive features, compared to those typically offered by larger providers .

I advantages of Ehiweb, which the company founded in Bologna in 2004 delivers directly into the hands of its customers, are the concrete response to the defects that most of us have historically encountered with telecommunications operators mainstream.

Even with regards to data SIMs, Ehiweb ensures maximum personalization of services: a significant aspect for those who need to manage a single IoT device or a battery of dozens or hundreds of devices connected at great distances from each other.

Ehiweb also ensures assistance provided by specialized personnel, careful listening to customer needs, reduction of bureaucracy and frequent technological updates. Innovation e researchFurthermore, they go hand in hand to offer new services in line with the changing and increasingly severe market demands.

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