Daylyy, the social network that challenges Instagram and BeReal: what it is

Social media has allowed users to showcase moments of their lives, photos and content on the platforms. In most cases they were published after intense editing work, which made the contents perfect, but not very relevant to reality. In response to the platforms that allowed all this, such as Instagram, was born Daylyy, a new social network that is attracting attention and which presents itself as the anti-Instagram.

An ambitious goal, which BeReal, a social network that had strong initial growth, had already set itself in the past, although it was already slowing down. Let’s find out how Daylyy works and how it differs from other platforms known.

Daylyy, what is it

Daylyy is an application that it can be downloaded and installed for free on mobile devices supported by iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to publish only photographs and exclusively those taken in real time. It is not possible to upload images taken in the past and which have undergone editing to the platform.

The photos, authentic and representative of reality, they are the only content that can be published on Daylyy. It is not necessary to write and share captions or perform other actions before showing the content to other users and it is not possible, in any way, to apply filters or modifications to make the images appear more beautiful.

According to what Austin Anderson, co-founder and CEO of the platform, said in an interview with TechCrunch, Daylyy wants to be the reflection of users’ daily lives and it was created to avoid the pressure of perfect photographs, which please only others or which conform to the requests of an algorithm.

Daylyy, the social network without likes and comments

To prevent users from making decisions and publishing content just to please other members of the platform the possibility of applying likes and writing comments has been eliminated and all those elements that can be considered vanity metrics.

A decision that goes against the trend in the world of social media, but is thoughtful and designed to respond to the emerging needs of the public of this type of platform.

Users can publish anything they want on Daylyy, without fearing judgement, at any time of the day they wish. Daylyy has already attracted the attention of many: It has more than 45 thousand members in more than 100 countries around the world.

Positive numbers that give rise to hope for the success of the project and which could grow even before the end of 2023. Exciting data could generate the interest of companies and big brands and encourage them to develop a presence on this new social network, which has extremely different rules from those of other platforms and which aims to gain the title of anti-Instagram.

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