Break from Facebook Facebook can give a lot of satisfaction but also headaches, to the point that many people prefer to take breaks to disappear from the social network without giving too many explanations, to make themselves untraceable as they would by turning off their cell phone.

On certain occasions you may simply feel tired after an argumentor to read bad news, to see comments written that are bad or that otherwise create irritation on the part of those who don’t think like us, especially on the part of extremists of all types.

In the following guide we will show you how deactivate Facebook and delete your profile temporarilywithout deleting anything, but disappearing from the social network completely (no one will be able to search for us or see our profile, which will therefore be deactivated).

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1) Temporarily deactivate Facebook from PC

To temporarily delete yourself from Facebook using your PC, all we have to do is open the Facebook sitepress on Settings and privacy by clicking on the profile icon at the top right and pressing on Settings.

In the new window we identify the Account Management Centerwe press on the item See more in the Account Management Centerwe press on the menu Personal detailswe click on Account Ownership and Controlwe press on Deactivation or deletionchoose the profile to deactivate and finally press on Deactivate account to proceed.

2) Temporarily deactivate Facebook from your phone

If we use Facebook from the phone application we can deactivate ourselves from Facebook to temporarily disappear by opening the app, pressing the profile icon at the top right and pressing Settings and privacy -> Settings.

A new app screen will open: now press on See more of the Account Management Centerwe press on Personal detailslet’s press on Account Ownership and Control and we press on Deactivation or deletionfollowing the same procedure also seen on PC.

3) Deactivation of the account with the old settings

If we have the old Facebook interface (for example using the social network from a mobile web browser without any app) we can deactivate from the social network by always pressing the profile picture at the top right, pressing on Settings and privacy and clicking on Settings.

In the new screen we click on Privacywe press on Your information on Facebookwe select the item Deactivation and eliminationwe confirm on Deactivate account and finally press on Continue to deactivate your accountfollowing the instructions to confirm the operation.


Before proceeding with temporarily deactivating your Facebook account, it is important to understand what you are doing with this operation.

These two procedures they disable and hide the entire profile from Facebookalso eliminating tags (i.e. links to our profile) and deleting status updates and all photos uploaded by us, always only temporarily.

Anyone who tries to go to our profile will find the page not found, as if it no longer existedwith writing like: “Sorry, this content is currently unavailable. The link we followed may have expired or the page may only be visible to an audience you are not part of“.

However, when the account is reactivated, everything goes back online as before, the tags are restored, the photos and the profile are available again to everyone for consultation and searches. To reactivate the deactivated Facebook account, all you need to do is log in from the site or application and reactivate the deactivated profile.

If we want to go back to using Facebook we can read our guide onFacebook account deactivated or blocked: how to unblock it.

If, however, we find ourselves with the account suspended or temporarily blocked we can read our articles on how to restore lost, stolen or compromised Facebook account and how how to fix accounts banned from Facebook and deleted without reason.


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