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With the boom in artificial intelligence, concerns have arisen about the improper use of copyrighted material but also of faces of actors and well-known web personalities. In the second case it is about deepfakewhich is being talked about with greater insistence in these hours following the actor’s reports Tom Hanks and YouTube star MrBeast.

The faces of Tom Hanks and MrBeast used in commercials without any authorization: the cases of (credible) deepfakes generated with AI are worrying

Does Tom Hanks promote oral hygiene care? The two-time Oscar winner actually had nothing to do with it, and he himself communicated it via social channels. On Instagram, to his over 9 million followers, the Forrest Gump actor communicates that what you see in some ads is not really him, but is a version of him generated by artificial intelligence. A deepfake in all respects.

Attention! There’s a video promoting oral care plans featuring an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with any of this.

Tom Hanks - Deepfake AI

Speaking of the use of artificial intelligence in the film industry (of which Tom Hanks is obviously part), only last week did the strike end Writers Guild of America and of theAlliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers with an agreement that provides restrictions on the use of AI in film and television productions.

MrBeast’s face was also “stolen”

The case of MrBeast (born Jimmy Donaldson, owner of the second most subscribed YouTube channel in the world) is linked to the recent launch of Apple’s new smartphones.

In the commercial that many users are viewing on social networks, TikTok in particular, the copy generated with MrBeast’s AI “gives away” 10,000 iPhone 15 Pros for just $2 each to lucky users. The problem is that the deepfake is so well made, that someone could actually fall into the trap.

This is why MrBeast himself – just like Tom Hanks – used his social profiles to warn his followers: what you see in the video is not the real Jimmy Donaldson.

The doubt raised by the YouTuber himself is more than legitimate: Are social platforms capable of handling AI deepfake cases? The problem is real and, at least until now, has been addressed with less than suitable tools.

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