Delete all Facebook posts and “Likes” in one click

delete post and I like it This is not a good time for Facebook, with the discovery of all those privacy problems of users whose data inevitably ends up for marketing companies all over the world for commercial and even electoral purposes.
In this regard, we then explained how to prevent Facebook from transferring data to external companies and applications and also how to hide the history of sites visited on Facebook.
In this guide, let’s see how you can instead find the old posts on Facebook, delete them altogether and also how to remove the likes I put in the time.
This type of activity would be impossible to do if there was no extension that allows you to select all Facebook posts from a particular period of time and also add additional filters to select posts that contain or do not contain a certain word.
Once the preferences are set, you can delete Facebook posts and “likes” in bulk with just a click of the mouse.READ ALSO: Look for old Facebook posts and Twitter tweets from the past

First of all, from the PC it is possible to see and manage all published Facebook posts directly from your profile by changing the type of display.
In short, press the Diary button under the profile cover and choose the grid view of posts.
In this mode, you can press the button Manage posts and then select the ones you want to delete.
You can delete up to 50 posts at a time.
The same thing can be done from your Android smartphone or iPhone, by going to your profile and just above the first post that appears by clicking on the Manage Post link (it’s written small).
On the Smartphone it is also possible to filter the posts by date and for those who have published it (if other people can write on our profile).
Please note that it is not possible to delete a photo set as a profile image, so if it is selected, the button for tapering disappears.

With the extension Social Book Post Manager for Google Chrome browser, everything can become easier and faster.
This Chrome extension uses the Facebook profile activity log to search for posts and delete them or hide them from the diary or to search for likes and cancel them.
To use the extension after installing it, open your Facebook profile, then press the key Activity log which is in the middle of the cover.
When the activity log page opens, press on the icon of this extension in the upper right corner on Chrome.
A popup will then open allowing you to select the year and month for which you want to delete Facebook posts or cancel like or do other things too.
If you want you can use the options “Text contains“and / or”Text does not contain“to select particular posts that speak, for example, about politics or sensitive topics, or anything you want to remove.
Finally, press on the key Delete to delete posts.
Social Book Post Manager will then be able to scan the activity log and all old posts you want to delete by selecting them based on the options you set.
In the end, you can confirm the deletion and delete the posts.
All comments are also deleted for deleted posts.

With the same extension, it is also possible to cancel all like put in a certain period (by pressing the key Unlike) or even hide the posts from the diary so that they practically become impossible to find in your profile.
In the case of the action of Unlike, the likes of the pages will also be removed which, if you want to keep them to follow them, will have to be deselected before confirmation.

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