Design a house, decorate rooms and interiors in 3D with free apps

Furnish your home online For those wishing to rearrange their apartment, try out different furniture arrangements and change interior furnishings, it is possible to use some free programs, or rather very precise web applications, full of options and easy to use.

So you can work as an architect wouldper draw the floor plan of the house on the computer, do a renovation of the apartment, try a different arrangement of furnitureplan a change of furniture in the rooms or even prepare masonry work and change the structure of the house or apartment.

In this article, we are going to discover the best ones free programs and web applications per furnish your home, design buildings and interiors, which are free, very easy to use and also fun. If you need to furnish or renovate an apartment or a room in the best possible way, you can draw on the PC, using the floor plan from above and 3D graphicstest the various designs before making a final choice and any idea of ​​change, to have a precise vision of how the apartment will look after the works or with new furniture.

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1) HomeStyler

HomeStyler is both aweb application than a free app per iPad e tablet Android high-level to design apartments with a 3D view of the house plan.
HomeStyler The selection of structural and furniture elements can be added and moved around the house with a simple drag & drop.

The rooms can be designed in different shapes and sizes, doors, walls, windows and furniture can then be freely arranged. The project can be saved online, downloaded in DWG file and, if desired, shared with other users.

It has a large collection of catalogs for design and layout plans, the items in the catalog are sorted by categories, brands and trends. In addition to the catalog, it also has construction elements such as doors, windows, pillars, skylights, stairs, frames, etc. and floor and wall designs. HomeStyler also has a “Check Design” tool that detects potential problems with the floor plan, suggesting solutions.

In the 3D view, you can switch between first person and third person (bird’s eye view) views and record a virtual tour of the apartment.

2) Planner5D

Planner5D Planner5D is a website that allows you to use a web app to create projects of rooms, buildings or houses with a 3D view from above or from 3/4.

The architectural elements and furniture made available by the application are many and very graphically treated that become useful for creating rooms, apartments, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and so on any room in the house or apartment.

Planner5D allows you to create construction projects complete with rooms, fixtures, furniture, architecture with complete freedom to add or remove any element you want and also to select furniture that IKEA.

The catalog of articles is present on the left side of the screen, while the rest of the area is for drawing. The first section of the catalog has predefined shapes that you can drag and drop to the area in the center, while the second section of the catalog contains construction elements which include windows, arches, doors, walls, stairs, columns, etc.

The third section of the catalog contains furniture, appliances and other items and the fourth section has external elements such as swimming pools, garages, garden furniture, lawns, trees, etc. Easy to use, with 2D and 3D views, you can create a house or design an office from scratch, or select a drawing uploaded by other users and modify it to your liking.

3) Roomstyler

Roomstyler Roomstyler is another tool for design and furnishing of interiors, apartments and houses in 3D.

With this tool you can create floor plans in 3 simple steps: draw the layout of the room, by dragging and dropping the elements from the first section of the catalog. The second step is to furnish the house, using the furniture listed in the second section of the list.

After the furnishing, the next step is to decorate the house, adding floors, wallpapers, carpets etc. Once the floor plan is finished, you can save the project on the RoomStyler account.

4) DreamPlan Home Design

DreamPlan Home Design DreamPlan Home Design is a Windows 10 app that makes the design of a building, a house or an exterior very fun and easy, with graphics that look like that of a construction video game, perfect for beginners and those who want something not too professional .

After creating the house it is possible to visit it virtually, so that you can see the project firsthand, with a real perspective (as if the house really existed).

5) The Sims

The Sims 4 Even if for many it’s just a game, The Sims 4 remains one of the best programs for designing a home for fun, as well as for decorating rooms and interiors. The game comes with very detailed graphics and you can even just use the construction editor to build your dream home.

If we also want to live it, just create a Sim similar to us and make him live in the newly built and furnished house, playing the best life emulator available on the market. Currently it is possible to play the game for free using the app for Android and for iPhone.

To learn more, we invite you to read our guides on how to play The Sims e i best life simulation games.

Other apps and sites to design your home, furnish rooms and interiors

So far we have exposed what are, according to many online opinions, the best sites and programs to design houses and furnish them for free. In addition to the sites and apps seen above, we can try other interesting sites and applications for designing homes, furnishing rooms and interiors in 3D.

1) Room sketches is a tool of online planning to design the apartment and arrange the furniture on the floor plan. Its 3D viewer is also very sophisticated and allows you to see the house in greater detail, from any angle. One feature that this online planner lacks is an option to import and export drawings. You can save the project only by taking a screenshot of it with the integrated tool, then downloading the high resolution image. The catalog of articles is well-ordered and divided into four sections: walls, windows, materials, furniture and walls.

2) PlanningWiz he’s a nice guy online serviceso there is nothing to download and it only works from the internet page, for designing the decor of a room in a simple and intuitive way, with the floor plan from above. The web program looks like that of furniture stores, with a nice space to drag sofas, tables, chairs and any other mobile element of the house. The created project can be emailed, printed and saved in a free account. All the design tools are on the main interface, however it does not support any design import even if the designs are customizable. After creating the design, you can draw the floor plan, add doors and windows (it also shows the opening area for each door). After finishing the map, you can view it in 3D and even take a virtual tour. To save the floor plan, you can export it as a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or PDF file.

3) Ikea Home Planner is theIkea’s official application for home decor. The IKEA Home Planner website offers different sections depending on the room to be furnished, with particular attention to the design of the furniture in the kitchen. The site also works without registration, but it is advisable to create the profile to be able to save the projects and continue them at a later time. From the bar on the left, you can scroll through the Ikea furniture sorted by room: kitchen, bathroom, office, dining room, etc. From the option to change the layout of the room, you can change the shape, insert doors, windows, floors and other decorations. The project can be printed or even saved and brought to the store.

4) Sweet Home 3D is the best free program per interior design which becomes an indispensable support for planning the arrangement of furniture inside the house. The digital floor plan is designed with a 2D interface and you can create from scratch or import an existing floor plan and change the arrangement of walls, spaces, windows, doors, etc. After having drawn the first draft it is already possible to verify your design work with a 3D preview. SweetHome3D provides a catalog of basic furniture, and the ability to import other additional objects or you can create your own 3D models. You can export the project in 2D in SVG format, or even in 3D in OBJ format. Sweet Home 3D is available in Italian, and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

5) SituHome is a simple, free and excellent program for drawing a house in 3D. You can then compose the space, arrange the walls, the windows, the doors and the various types of furniture, all designed with very realistic graphics. The program is in English, but it shouldn’t put you off.

6) FloorPlanner is a tool that allows you to virtually design and furnish a house online in 3D through the web application, therefore without downloading any program. Everything happens by drag & drop or dragging and you can insert and design furniture and a large amount of furniture elements. Projects can be saved and shared on the internet. Floorplanner is in Italian and can be integrated as application for Google Drive on Chrome.

7) pCon.planner it’s a free program to be installed on the pc to protect 3D architectural spaces and rooms of the house. Dedicated mainly to architects as a free alternative to AutoCAD.

8) Sketchup is a free, professional-type 3D drawing program, not very easy to use but powerful and functional for drawing 3D buildings and houses.

9) Live Home 3D is a home design application for Windows 10 full of intuitive detail-oriented features, which allows you to draw a room in 2D and then see it transformed into 3D, designed as it would be in reality, with the furniture and colors chosen.

10) 4Plan allows you to create a home improvement project, drawing your floor plan in 2D and 3D. You can also fill out a virtual furniture form to form the furniture catalog to buy and use real-life improvement projects.

11) [email protected] is one of the best and easiest to use 3D interior design apps, which allows you to apply your own themes and schemes, switch between them and see it as real.


Designing the new dream home and furnishing it according to our tastes is really very simple: all we have to do is use one of the applications in this guide to be able to start designing the house immediately, without spending a single euro.

We can thus start designing a new home based on real measurements or fantasize with the mind, creating a fake house with all the favorite furnishings.

To learn more we can read our guides on how draw any type of object in 3D and create three-dimensional animations and how create a virtual tour of interiors using photographs.


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