Develop engaging web applications with Python and Mesop: Google guarantees

Develop engaging web applications with Python and Mesop: Google guarantees

To quickly develop applications for internal use, Google uses Mesop. It is a project that offers an intuitive environment even for those who are new to the development of user interfaces (UI), making building web applications a quick and easy process. For develop web applications eye-catching, you can take advantage of the work done by Google engineers and shared on GitHub.

The authors of Mesop explain that the project is a framework UI which allows you to create interfaces using idiomatic Python code. This means that it exploits the characteristics of the language in a natural and effective way, making the code readable, maintainable and easy to understand.

How to develop web applications with Python and Google Mesop

For those familiar with Python but hates the provision of graphical interfaces, Mesop makes creating Web applications a painless process. The paradigm proposed by Mesop, in fact, is immediately understandable, so much so that it offers ready-to-use components that can be immediately integrated into applications. There is no longer any need to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

One of the main advantages of Mesop is support for the so-called hot reload: the browser can Reload automatically the application preserving the current state. The code changes can be verified in real time, without the need to manually update the browser.

Mesop offers rich support for major integrated development environments (IDEs), improves productivity and reduces the risk of errors.

Develop web interfaces with Python code

As you can see on the Mesop home page, just 10 lines of code are enough to write a simple web application using only Python.

Per try Mesop, you can run your code directly on Colab. Abbreviation for Google Colaboratory, al is a cloud-based IDE that allows you to write and run Python code directly in the browser.

Alternatively, it is obviously possible to install and use Mesop locally, following a few simple steps:

  • Run the command pip install mesop
  • Prepare the file taking inspiration from one of the available examples.
  • Start the app with the command mesop

The opening image is taken from Google Mesop.

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