How to use and activate voice dictation on Android phones, iPhone and iPad to write and dictate SMS, messages and texts in any application

Telephone voice dictation Even though modern smartphones have increasingly larger screens, touchscreen keyboards are still uncomfortable for typing in certain circumstances, for example when in a car.

For this reason, audio messages, voice assistants and the possibility of being able to write SMS, messages or notes by dictating them verbally via the function of speech recognition and synthesis.

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1) Dictate by voice on Android

In every keyboard for Android we can find the microphone icon, which can be a direct button or half hidden in the button next to the left of the space, to be held down to activate dictation. After pressing it, just speak to enter the words spoken by voice and write them correctly.

Voice dictation works best by installing the tastiera GBoard, which is already included in many cell phones. The configuration is already active by default, although it may be necessary to add Italian to the recognized languages.

To do this, let’s take the journey Settings -> Additional settings -> Language and input (o Settings > Language and input) and we tap on Manage keyboards and then press on GBoard; now let’s press on Voice typing and activate the switch on the screen.

Now just open any text field and, on the Gboard screen, press the microphone button at the top right to start dictating.

If we wanted to use another keyboard to dictate by voice we recommend you try it SwiftKey; after installing it, let’s go to the same path seen for Gboard (Settings -> Additional Settings -> Language & Input -> Manage Keyboards -> SwiftKey), let’s press on Complex insertion and activate the switch next to the item Voice typing. The voice typing key is available either in the SwiftKey top bar or by holding down the comma key.

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2) Dictate by voice on iPhone and iPad

Dictation on iPhone is just as simple as on Android; to use it, simply open the keyboard in any text field, press the microphone-shaped button and start dictating.

If the function is not active we can configure it by taking us to the path Settings > General > Keyboard and activating the option Enable Dictation.

If you are not satisfied, users can still install GBoard e SwiftKey also on iPhone, thus improving the quality of voice recognition.

If we use an alternative keyboard we can activate it by taking us to the path Settings > General > Keyboard and then configure the new keyboard for voice recognition in Italian. To activate dictation on other keyboards let’s go to the path Settings -> General -> Keyboardlet’s make sure to activate Gboard or SwiftKey in the list in Keyboardslet’s go back and activate the voice at the bottom Enable Dictation.


Modern smartphone keyboards allow you to dictate the text message verbally to be inserted in any text field, filling in with your voice. The function is really simple to use and can also correctly recognize periods and commas, just say “period” or “comma” and wait for the punctuation mark to appear.

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