Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

Find out why Sennheiser headphones are the ideal choice for high quality sound and unmatched comfort: a solution of some models also valid for 2023.

The headphones Sennheiser they are known for their sound quality and for the specific advantages they offer including balanced and natural audio, with a precise frequency response and a faithful reproduction of the various sound frequencies; design and materials that make the headphones solid and long-lasting; maximum comfort even during prolonged use thanks to the soft and breathable materials; support for advanced technologies such as active noise cancellation (ANC), ambient sound balancing and advanced wireless connectivity.

Sennheiser offers over-ear, in-ear, closed-back and open-back headphones: each type of headphones has unique characteristics in terms of comfort, noise isolation and sound quality.

Headphones closed-back have a closed ear cup that completely covers the ears, while the headphones open-back they have an open ear cup with sound leaking out.

The former obviously tend to ensure a greater soundproofing producing at the same time a more closed and powerful sound, especially in the bass, while the open-backs have a very low sound insulation: those nearby can recognize what they are listening to and external sounds can be perceived by those using headphones. Open-back headphones produce faithful and balanced sound.

In terms of comfort, closed-back headphones can get hotter and more uncomfortable when worn for extended periods of time while open-back headphones let air circulate around the ears, preventing sweating and heat.

Sennheiser headphones have a prezzo ranging from around 30 euros in the case of HD206 to around 2,000 euros for the model HD820S with a wide range of choices within this “range”, as it is easy to guess.

HD560S headset with cable

It’s one of our all-time favorite headphones, and among Sennheiser’s best value for money.

It costs about 130 euros on offer on Amazon Italy and ensures a neutral sound with well-defined highs and a truly surprising performance for the price range in which these headphones are placed.

The technological solution that Sennheiser has put in place is an example for many manufacturers, so much so that the HD560S manage to surpass many more expensive headphones in sonic precision and listening experience. While they’re certainly not the choice for bass enthusiasts, those who want a clean sound and transparent will find an irreplaceable partner in these headphones.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

Obviously these headphones consist of only one audio cable but the sound performance really has impressive coherence and the sound profile is well balanced (even if there is no advanced adjustment of any kind). While they are quite bulky, these headphones are comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time without discomfort.

Cuffie HD600 e HD660S open-back

Another headphone that is a point of reference for the most demanding users, almost for audiophiles is the HD600. This product was even presented back in 1997, demonstrating how the most valid devices do not feel the weight of time at all. The HD600 headphones inspired many other products and served Sennheiser as a springboard for the design and development of models such as the HD650 and HD660.

The sound capabilities of these headphones are enviable, the build quality is top-notch and comfort is good. The price rises in this case to around 415 euros.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

More or less in the same price range on Amazon Italy, the HD660S guarantees very good, consistent and punchy bass, the midrange is well balanced and clear. Excellent performance also on high frequencies. Excellent versatile headphones for a wide range of musical genres with an appreciable spatial performance.

In terms of power and efficiency, the HD660S has a lower impedance than previous models of the HD600 series.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

Cuffie wireless Momentum 3, closed-back

Thanks to huge 42mm drivers and a “warm” sound, these headphones ensure an immersive listening experience with little emphasis on bass.

The Momentum 3 has a very wide frequency range of (6 – 22 kHz), a battery life of an impressive 17 hours with fast charging (you can get up to 1.5 hours of playback with just a 10 minute charge).

All the features of Momentum 3 are easily accessible thanks to the possibility of programming the main behaviors with three buttons that can be activated at your fingertips.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

The noise cancellation is one of the strengths of Momentum 3 while Transparent Hearing allows you to choose how to listen to music for a tailor-made experience. All functions can also be controlled via the app Sennheiser Smart Control.

The genuine leather ear cushions offer little ventilation compared to other cushion solutions chosen for the other headphones of the same manufacturer.

Cuffie Sennheiser in-ear (IEM)

Sennheiser is mainly known among audiophiles for its over-ear headphones but over the years they have also developed excellent ones IEM (in-ear monitor).

IEM headsets are designed to be worn inside the ear canal unlike traditional headphones that rest on your ear. They are designed to ensure a “private” and “personal” listening experience with active noise reduction that isolates the audio reproduced by the earphones from ambient noise.

CX Plus True Wireless

Among the cheapest in-ear headphones, this model is a guarantee of excellent value for money.

We can make several pairs because although they are cheap (approx 100 euro) offer a build quality comparable to the best “premium” products.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

They are marked with a sound profile “warm” which however introduces a sort of veiling with some instruments. However, the rendering can be optimized using the ei graphic equalizer preset via connected app.

It is obviously present there active noise cancellation while the battery lasts about seven hours on a single charge. The timer of automatic shutdown allows you to maximize battery life by preventing it from being consumed when the earphones are not in use.

While light in weight, the design of each element is a bit bulky and protrudes slightly from the ears. L’soundproofing it’s good but ambient noise isn’t removed as much as headphones do MOMENTUM True Wireless 3.

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

We consider these in-ear headphones to be the best Sennheiser headphones currently available: in fact, they offer very similar performance to the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless over-ear headphones even if they do not support multi-device pairing.

Differences between Sennheiser headphones models: a short guide to choosing

The system adaptive ANC it can block, as previously highlighted, more environmental noise: an aspect that deserves to be highlighted and which is very useful if you are used to working or moving in noisy environments.

The sound profile is rich, even in the bass, but also in this case it is possible to apply interesting customizations thanks to the graphic equalizer and the preset offered.

They are small and versatile IPX4 certified headphones that resist splashes of water. Thanks to the design they stay in place even when exercising.

The battery life of over 8 hours is truly remarkable; the case provides three additional refills should the need arise.

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