Discord against malware: important news for file sharing


Some time ago we talked about the spread of Web App-Engaged malware on Discord and other services like Dropbox. Sharing files via these two apps can hide significant pitfalls and, obviously, the developers of the renowned VoIP service are aware of the problems related to the infamous harmful links and documents uploaded to apparently harmless servers. Precisely for this reason the company has taken a decisive measure, explicitly discouraging the need to use other services for sharing any files.

Discord should not be used to share files

As reported by Bleeping Computeranyone using Discord for file hosting will have to think again over the next few weeks as sharing links will change every 24 hours. This change will take place by the end of 2023 and will allow the company to better control the spread of malware and combat the phenomenon by “limiting access to reported content”. With the collaboration of users and their reports, therefore, the situation should improve significantly in the following months.

According to the report, it switch to temporary links will not be particularly problematic since the links within the client will be updated automatically. If shared externally to the Discord, however, they won’t work the next day.

Hacker malware generico

Given the recent findings by cybersecurity companies, which speak of “approximately 10,000 malware samples” stored and shared via Discord, this measure is the least the company can do to protect users. It is clear that the risk of infection is not eliminated, but it is equally clear that these solutions are, to say the least, necessary and should be applied as soon as possible. The effectiveness, then, will remain in question until the first analyzes by experts.

Source: Bleeping Computer


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