Do we want to install interesting and useful apps? Let’s see how to discover new apps on Android and iPhone every day

Many users just use the Google Play Store or Apple App Store search engine to find the app they need; in most cases it is possible speed up the search for new interesting apps using the apps we have already installed or getting inspired by the stores, which have numerous sections to explore.

In the following guide we will show you how to discover new interesting apps on Android and iPhoneso you can effectively fill your brand new phone with all the most useful and fun apps, without having to search for them manually.

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1) Check out a developer’s other apps

A good starting point for finding new interesting apps are the apps that we have already installed and that we use every day: in fact, just press on the developer’s name to find out if they have created any other cool apps for you to try.

On Android we can check the apps of a specific developer by opening the Google Play Store, pressing the top right on the profile image, pressing on Settings and taking us on the path Manage app and device -> Manage; after having found the app to use as a search base, tap on it to open its personal file, scroll to the bottom of the file and press the key Otherpresent immediately below the heading Other content.

On the iPhone, you can find a developer’s app by opening the App Store, pressing the profile picture at the top right, taking us to the menu Acquisitions (where there are also free apps), by pressing on the app to explore, scrolling to the bottom of the page and finally pressing on Show all next to the developer’s name (More from).

2) Find other similar apps

Also from the integrated stores we can get new and interesting apps using the suggestions that Google and Apple show us for any app: this allows us to often find valid alternatives to the apps we already use, new fun games and new functional apps for the purpose.

On Android we can quickly access the list of similar apps by opening the store, looking for the app we have installed, opening its presentation tab and finally taking us to the section More apps to trypressing the up arrow to open a list of apps similar to the one we have already tried.

On the iPhone the procedure is very similar: always go to the tab of an app that we have already installed on our iPhone (from the path Profile picture -> Purchases), scroll to the tab and this time press on the item Show all present next to the menu You may also like.

3) Open the list of apps of the day or recommended for us

On Android already just open the Google Play Store makes You can discover new interesting appstaking care to stay in the tab For you: Based on our downloads and the ratings we have assigned to the apps we will always find new apps and new games to try every day, without having to open too many menus or browse through the app categories.

On iPhone, the reference menu for new apps and the most interesting apps is the menu Today, present in the lower left corner of the Apple App Store; when we are in the mood to download new apps or play the latest games, we open this menu and scroll through it until we find something interesting.

4) Look at the app charts

To find new interesting apps there is nothing better than a nice ranking of the most downloaded, most rated or most purchased apps for each app category; from this point of view both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store defend themselves very well, showing updated rankings for any type of app.

On Android, you can access the app ranking by opening the Google Play Store and taking us to the tab Leaderboards; from this screen we can filter the results using the drop-down menus at the top (most profitable, the best items at 0€ and the best sellers), with the possibility of also choosing the category or immediately showing the latest news (thanks to the filter Novelty).

On the iPhone, the procedure for accessing the rankings is very similar: to proceed, in fact, we will have to open the App Store, go to the menu App and scroll to Top app (free, paid, popular apps). Alternatively we can press on Show all next to Top categoryopen your favorite app category and use the rankings within (top to pay e Top shipping) to find interesting new apps.

5) Read articles on

Our site is full of articles about best interesting apps to try for each categoryboth free and paid. Below is a good list of articles to read:

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To find other useful guides, simply open our site and use the search bar at the top, typing in the category of apps we want to try. In another guide we have seen how to tell if an app is free or paid.


Our phone’s memory can accommodate hundreds of apps for any purpose and for any need, as well as being able to host dozens of different games. With the suggestions seen in this guide we will be able to always discover new interesting apps on both iPhone and Androidusing the apps we’ve already downloaded and getting inspired by the best ranked apps in the stores.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to cancel subscriptions on Android apps and iPhone/iPad come on how to download paid apps for free (Android and iPhone).


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