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Discovery Plus, user guide

Discovery Plus it is among the main ones streaming platforms present on the web. A service that competes with the more well-known ones, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, thanks to the offer of an extremely broad and constantly updated catalog which can be accessed, in part, for free.

A mix of free contentand content that requires a subscription which was successful and particularly appreciated by users. More and more people are signing up and using the platform, discovering its advantages and enjoying a satisfying experience.

  • 0. Discovery Plus, what it is and how it works

    Discovery Plus

    Discovery Plus it is a streaming service and video on demand that allows you to watch live broadcastsi contents that are broadcast on television channels Real Time, DMAX, Nove, HGTV, Giallo, K2, Motor Trend, Food Network and Frisbee and other exclusive content from the Discovery Science, Discovery+ Original, Discovery Channel and Investigation Discovery channels and program podcasts broadcast on free channels.

    You can access a package dedicated to sportwhere in addition to finding all the Discovery entertainment, you can watch live broadcasts of the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels where competitions and performances of cycling, football, tennis and other disciplines are broadcast, sector news, interviews, documentaries and much more Still.

    The history of Discovery Plus originates in Europe in June 2015when it is launched on the market under the name of Dplay. A service available immediately for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and personal computers. The offer consisted of live streaming of all the channels that were part of the same group and the viewing of videos of programs already broadcast.

    A small offering, which was later expanded with a new section dedicated to children called Kids. The formula was the same as that tested during the launch: live viewing of the K2 and Frisbee channels, the possibility of seeing reruns of the programs with the addition of some exclusive content.

    The Discovery Plus offering has expanded over time and today offers numerous contents, including some exclusive and original ones, suitable for a heterogeneous audience made up of adults and children

    In 2018, a further service was implemented for users, which involved the inclusion on the platform of TV series in the original language and subtitled in Europen. A valid way to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract a greater number of subscribers.

    Until 2019, the year in which Dplay Plus is activated, the service remains largely free. With the request for payment to access a part of reserved contentnew Discovery programs are added to the platform, including documentaries and TV series, live streaming of Discovery Channel and Discovery Science and other channels belonging to the group.

    Discovery Channel and Discovery Science were subsequently removed from the offering and replaced by BBC documentaries. The real turning point comes in 2021when a new platform created by the Discovery group was launched and which would officially replace Dplay: Discovery+in the currently widespread formula.

    Subscribers have increased over time and consistently, so much so as to allow the group to offer high quality and original content. Many series and programs have been created and bear the Discovery+ Original signature: documentaries, reality shows, TV series and much more.

    Discovery+ is also available in other parts of the worldsuch as the United Kingdom, India, Poland, the United States of America, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Denmark.

    Access to Discovery Plus can be done through browser, by connecting to the official website of the platform, or from mobile devices by downloading the free application of the service. It is compatible with smartphone iOS e Android, tablet, Android Tv, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire TV e Smart TV.

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  • 1. Discovery Plus Subscription Plans

    streaming video

    To be able to watch Discovery Plus you need register, choose a subscription plan (if you want to view exclusive content) and enter all the information necessary for registration. Each account allows up to two people to watch Discovery Plus at the same time.

    Discovery Plus is a family-friendly service. Five profiles can be created for each account and content can be watched on two devices simultaneously

    By signing up for a subscription you have access to the entire offer indicated and you can use the service in every country in the European Economic Area with the exception of the United Kingdom and Switzerland. It is important to know that the subscription can only be activated in Europe and can only be paid with a credit, prepaid or debit card issued by an Europen institution (excluding debit cards), PayPal or with in app purchase methods (Apple, Google Play and Amazon).

    When signing up for a payment, 4 euros could be automatically withdrawn from your credit, prepaid or debit card. It is a procedure that is implemented by Discovery Plus to avoid scams and to ensure that there are sufficient funds on the indicated card.

    Il Free plan guarantees access to only a portion of the on-demand content and allows you to watch live and streaming all the free programs of the Discovery network, including Real Time, DMAX, Food Network, Frisbee and Crime. Viewing may be temporarily interrupted from short advertisements.

    In 2022 the plan was introduced Entertainment (with advertising), currently the cheapest of the subscriptions. It allows access to live broadcasts of Discovery channels and on-demand viewing, the viewing of Discovery+ Original content, exclusives and previews, box sets and exclusive content covering topics such as current affairs. There are also documentaries, crime series and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) competitions. The cost is 2.89 euros per month or 28.90 euros per year.

    The subscription plan Entertainment gives access to everything in the Entertainment plan (with advertising). Those who choose this option eliminate the possibility of suffering advertising interruptions in on-demand entertainment content. There remains the possibility of finding sponsored programs that contain the insertion of products for advertising purposes. The cost is 5.49 euros per month or, alternatively, 54.90 per year.

    Discovery Plus has a subscription plan dedicated exclusively to sports lovers: Entertainment & Sports

    The richest plan is the one named Entertainment + Sports, which offers access to all live broadcasts of the Discovery channels, on-demand programmes, films, TV series and documentaries from Discovery+ Originals, exclusive content, WWE and sports programs both live and on demand. In detail, it is possible to watch the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels, where important international events such as the Olympics and the Winter and Summer Olympic Games are broadcast. The cost is 7.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year.

    Not infrequently vouchers are given out or agreements are made special offers. In particular, Sky customers often receive a voucher that allows free access to the Entertainment package (with advertising). To redeem it, you must enter the code in the appropriate section and indicate the data requested by the portal.

    All subscriptions they automatically renew at the end of the scheduled periodunless canceled before it expires. The same happens when a voucher expires.

  • 2. How to register and subscribe to Discovery Plus

    Sign up for video streaming site Discovery Plus

    Signing up for Discovery Plus it is not necessary if you want to view the contents made available to users for free. If you want access to the exclusive ones you have to register on the platform and follow a specific procedure.

    By connecting to the official website or using the Discovery Plus application, start registration. Choose one of the three paid plans offered and indicate whether you wish to opt for a monthly payment or prefer an annual rate which guarantees the viewing of programs and videos for 12 months starting from the day on which the economic transition is made.

    Please indicate your first and last name, the email address, the password which will be needed to access the service each time you use a new device, your year of birth and your gender (this information can be omitted if you wish).

    When you register for Discovery Plus you must indicate a valid email address, on which you will receive any communications, and a security password for access

    Accept the terms of use and authorize the sending of personalized recommendations, news and offers (you can unsubscribe at any time). Choose the payment method and complete the registration. From this moment it is possible to view and watch the contents in the catalogue.

    If desired you can downgrade of the subscription and switch to a lower cost package, you can make a change at any time both from the web and through the Discovery Plus app for mobile devices and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. If you follow this path you will still have the possibility of taking advantage of the higher cost plan until the end of the pre-established period when the payment is made.

    You can upgrade, moving from a lower package to a higher one. In this case, the cost of the new subscription will be immediately charged, minus the amount already paid previously for the remaining days of the annual or monthly subscription.

  • 3. Browse the Discovery Plus catalogue: TV series, documentaries, exclusive and original content

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    Discovery Plus there is a…


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