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Disney Plus: complete guide to using it

Millions of people open the app every day Disney Plusclick on Login and enter your account catalog of films and TV series: exclusive content e original productionswhich include some of the most beloved sagas and galaxies of all time.

From the Marvel a Star Warsdai Simpson to the dozens of branded animation classics Disney o Pixar. All without forgetting thearea Stardedicated to the more mature audience.

Anyone who doesn’t have a user account must first signing in and choose a Disney Plus subscription plan. The costs and services available vary based on the type of plan selected.

The catalog however remains the same, just as the possibility of customization. Starting from settings of the app and account. Until we get to the management ofaudio and gods subtitles. Or the possibility of putting downloadable content to watch them offline.

  • 0. Brief history of Disney Plus


    Disney Plus is the on-demand streaming content service of Walt Disney Company: one of the most important animation studios ever, which later evolved into a multinational that offers services and products also very different from each other.

    Fromanimation ai live actionfrom Cinema to Television, passing through comic books and content on demand. Not to mention the Luna Park distributed all over the world: Disney World in Florida, Disney Resort in Shanghai and the three offices of Disneyland A Parigi, a Hong Kong ea Tokyo.

    It is difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of history of Disney Plus. At the same time a first useful date can be indicated with theAugust 2016: the month Disney startedacquisition of BAMTecha company specialized in the development of technologies streaming.

    Within a year it had become Disney majority shareholder of BAMTech. And he announced that he was working on the creation of one piattaforma direct-to-consumer dedicated precisely to its historic brand.

    Disney Plus was announced in 2019 and launched in America, Europe and Asia between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020

    Il launch of Disney Plus was scheduled for second half of 2019: the same time period in which the distribution contract of Disney content on Netflix in the United States.

    In the two years of development of the platform Disney worked in parallel with theexpansion of the catalogue: for example by acquiring films produced by third parties. But also real divisions, such as 20th e 21st Century Fox.

    L’official debut of Disney Plus is dated November 12, 2019: at least as far as the US, Canadian and Dutch markets are concerned.

    The platform was then presented in Europain Asia e in America latina. The launch almost always coincided with the end of pre-existing distribution contracts relating to Disney multimedia content.

    In the United States the first subscription to Disney Plus it was also proposed in one particular formula bundletogether with services ESPN+ and Hulu. In 2023 the company announced its intention to bring together the three on-demand streaming platforms within a single app.

  • 1. How the Disney Plus subscription works and how much it costs


    Disney Plus is a platform operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distributionwhich primarily distributes content produced by Walt Disney Studios e Disney General Entertainment Content.

    According to the official Disney communication, the Disney Plus catalog account more than 500 films. Added to this are approx 15,000 episodes of TV series and 80 Disney Plus Original: original content ranging from animation to musicals.

    By choosing Disney Plus the service cost varies based on tariff plan selected. Starting from November 2023, there will be three Disney Plus subscription plans available to the user.

    The first is the Standard plan with advertising and requires a subscription from 5.99 euros per month. It allows the user to take maximum advantage two simultaneous plays of films and content from the Disney Plus catalog. The available video quality reaches up to Full HD 1080pthe audio quality up to 5.1.

    The second is the piano Standard: does not include advertising and requires an 8-month subscription.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year. It allows the user to take maximum advantage 2 simultaneous plays and download on maximum 10 devices different. The available video quality goes up to Full HD 1080pthe audio quality up to 5.1.

    The third and final plan is called Disney Plus Premium: does not include advertising and requires a subscription from 11.99 euros per month or 119.90 euros per year. It allows the user to take maximum advantage 4 simultaneous plays and download on maximum 10 devices different. The available video quality goes up to 4K UHD and HDRthe audio quality up to Dolby Atmos.

    The Disney Plus subscription includes a Standard plan with advertising, a Standard plan and a Premium plan

    The above information regarding Disney Plus concerns i basic costs. Several subscriptions can be offered with one variable discountin certain periods of the year.

    In case the user opts for the monthly subscription, all plans above can be suspended at all times. In case of cancellation, the service stops automatically at the end of the day new monthly payment.

    In case the user opts for the annual subscription, you can’t pause service. In case of cancellation, the service stops automatically at the end of the day new annuity.

    Unlike many on-demand streaming competitors, Disney Plus no offer periods of free trial. Users intending to test the platform can purchase the plan cheapest monthly subscription available. And then maybe decide if upgrade to an annual subscription to reduce the overall cost of the plan.

  • 2. How to register and subscribe to Disney Plus


    Register your own Disney Plus subscription it’s very simple. There are many paths to follow: the first consists of visiting the disneyplus.com portal.

    Alternatively you can search the official Disney Plus app within any reference store: starting from that of operating system installed on your mobile device. Until we get to the stores dedicated to smart TVs or consoles.

    The first screen of the site or app should offer two login options. On Disney Plus channels Login item it is meant for those who already have a subscription. After clicking on the button you must enter your own username and your own password.

    The voce Subscribe now allows instead of sign up for Disney Plus: also in this case we start by entering an email and a password. Added to this is the acceptance ofPrivacy Policyof a Policy sui cookie and the relevant privacy legislation in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

    The user can then choose to tick or not an item dedicated to the reception of special communications. Email or newsletter with which Disney Plus communicates updates about its products and services.

    To register a new user on Disney Plus you need to select the Subscribers item

    After entering and confirming your credentials, it’s time to choose the tariff plan of reference. Disney Plus subscription plans and their costs have been described in the previous paragraphs. The catalog remains available to the user unchangedregardless of the type of subscription selected.

    The last step to complete the registration is to enter the Payment details valid. As already mentioned above Disney Plus does not foresee free trial. The user must therefore pay at least one month’s subscription to be able to use the service.

    The registration procedure may include some extra steps in case the user registers via apps for specific devices: for example the console of the smart TV.

    In this case it may be necessary download the Disney Plus mobile app and synchronize the user with the device. To do this you have to enter the 8-digit code on the mobile app that appears on the reference screen.

  • 3. How to navigate the Disney Plus catalog


    The Disney Plus site or app button named Log in allows you to get to the heart of the platform catalog. The first thing to do is create or select a profile.

    Disney Plus allows you to create up to four profiles different. And each profile can be customized: with a avatar of your choicebut above all with dedicated lists to your favorite contents.

    Disney Plus profiles also allow you to activate the feature Parental Control. This and other aspects dedicated to settings and the customization will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

    Once you have selected your profile you enter the heart of the catalogue. Disney Plus suggests how header a selection of titles. The contents that enter this range are usually a lot recent and very successful.

    Followed by a series of boxes dedicated to great exclusives of the platform: starting from the box Disneyuntil we get to that Pixar. Passing through Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic e Star.

    The Disney Plus catalog is organized into folders dedicated to specific content: from animated classics to the latest Pixar releases

    Il box Disney allows access to hundreds of titles: for example the big ones classics from Walt Disney Animation Studios. But also the live action and the most recent remakes.

    Added to this are the contents of Disney Channelplus a selection of shorts, TV series and specials. In the end Disney, come Netflixoffers a series of folders dedicated to characters or themes specific: for example the contents with baby mouse protagonist, rather than the perfect ones to celebrate the Natale.

    Il box Pixar allows you to access the contents created by production house famous for his digital animations. Here you can find…


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