Display Week 2022: here is the best of the hi-tech displays designed by TCL

Now that the interesting event of Display Week has ended, details have emerged on the forthcoming production of hi-tech displays conceived, for various uses, by the Chinese TCL through the subsidiary CSOT.
Display Week 2022: here is the best of the hi-tech displays designed by TCL

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At the last edition of Display Week 2022, not only Samsung, but also the Chinese TCL exhibited various innovations in terms of hi-tech displays, thanks to the division that, internally, deals with them under the acronym of CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology).

Also proposed to the western public, in San Josè (California), the already known 8K 1G1D technology 75 ″ 8K 4mask 1G1D Mini LED and OLED 8K 65 “displays made via ink-jet thanks to JOLED, with some new screens TCL has attracted attention various user groups and use cases. Starting from virtual reality, a screen for VR viewers was exhibited, to date signed as 1,764 PPI Real RGB LCD-VR, with 90/120 Hz refresh rate, with a virtually absent grid effect, whose liquid crystals boast 1,764 PPI, therefore a very high amount, in terms of pixel density per inch.

With just under 10 inches stands the 8 ″ Pol-less display, a panel capable of flexing 360 ° inwards or outwards, thanks to the simplified structure that derives from having done without polarization, as a panel AMOLED precisely Pol-less.

More or less twice as large, the screen is technically referred to as 17.3 ″ 3K In-Cell LCM Display: it is specifically an LCD type panel with 400 nits of brightness, with (unspecified in terms of value) DCI-P3 color gamut coverage which, being of the in-cell type, therefore with all the LCD and touch components in a single 2.2 mm layer, turns out to be very thin, with few reflections, great reactivity and excellent contrast .

Thanks to CSOT, TCL has also brought the California 34 ″ R1500 curved Mini LED screen, a 34-inch HVA (High Vertical Alignment) LCD panel with a 21: 9 ratio, suitable for gamers, thanks to the low response times. to the 165 Hz refresh rate, to the range of 1.5 meters, and to the support for the FreeSync Premium Pro, which – thanks to the miniLED backlighting – also boasts the VESA DisplayHDR 1400 certification.


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