Divide the expense for a subscription service like Netflix or Spotify, finding people to share them with.

Netflix cost
Many paid online services, such as Netflix to watch streaming movies or apps like Spotify to listen to music online, allow you to save a lot on the cost of the subscription if you adopt the cost-sharing strategy between friends.
You can create a Netflix subscription and then split the share from other friends or family and the account access password, so that everyone can watch movies without limitations, paying half or less depending on the type of subscription chosen.
It, therefore, becomes very interesting to use sites designed to bring together people who want to divide the cost of a subscription, manage payments and make it simple, even between unknown people, sharing an account on Netflix or on other sites that work in a similar way and do not restrict the use of an account.
Let’s see what they are together the best sites with which you can split the cost of Netflix, Spotify, and other paid sites, so you can save to keep all the updates you want (on paper we can also spend only 10 € for everything!).

How to divide subscription cost

One of the services that we will find in the guide allows you to share the cost of a subscription by taking advantage of the rather permissive terms of service (in fact, a problem relating to sharing an account will hardly be reported) or by exploiting family accounts so that each user can have their own separate profile (as if we were one big family).
As an alternative, we can always use some collection and shared account management apps, so that we can always recover the amount necessary to pay the subscription for everyone (transforming ourselves into administrators).

Together Price

The best site with which to share the expenses of an online streaming account is Together Price, a site that is easy to register for and where it is very easy to find an account to share.
Together Price

On TogetherPrice it is, therefore, possibly get a Netflix or any other paid online service account by sharing and sharing expenses (only possible with services that allow simultaneous access from multiple computers with the same account); we can also administer an account ourselves and let others participate by sending their money.
The payment is managed by Together Price which requires, from those who participate, a price increased by the commission due to them.
Therefore, if there is a cost of 10 euros to be divided, it may be that those who want to join an offer to divide the expense must pay 4 euros, giving 3 to Netflix and 1 to Together Price, always obtaining, however, a net saving.
Among the subscription services that can be shared and divided in Together Price, there are, in addition to Netflix and Spotify, also Apple Music, Xbox, Office 365, and Play Music.
Those who want to share an account and request participation in the expense must demonstrate a level of Trust or trust that is obtained by connecting Facebook to the account, giving the mobile number to the site, and then also connecting a Hype account or any IBAN so that they can always receive the money we get from the various odds. If, on the other hand, we want to participate in an already shared account, just add a credit card or a prepaid card and pay your dues monthly.

In addition to website accounts, Together Price can also be used to buy the software by dividing the cost, although there are only three programs currently available, namely Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and AVG antivirus.

Together Price Limits

Although it may seem like all “roses and flowers”, we must also take into account some limits of Together Price, which can also compromise the correct use of the service:

  • Exceeding the number of users connected at the same time: even if we divide the share between a fixed number of people (for example 4 for a multi-account of 4), no one forbids one of the participants to associate the shared account on several personal devices and “cheat a slot” in real-time, so that others can no longer see anything.
  • Presence of empty sharing groups: unfortunately not all groups have the maximum trust score and, if we happen to be in the wrong group, we will end up with fake or unusable accounts, even if we have paid the service fee (which can still be refunded).
  • Sharing personal data: other users who access the shared service can access the profiles of all users, steal their habits and also obtain personal data such as email, telephone number, and credit card / PayPal number (they can hardly do anything about it, but anyway can get the credentials).

If these reasons don’t scare you, we always advise you to share only very little information with other users and to always use PayPal within the shared account, so as to minimize the risk of scams or cyber-attacks.

Alternatives to Together Price

Currently, there are no sites similar to Together Price to share the expenses of a streaming account, but with a little ingenuity, we can use the collection or division of accounts apps to replace Together Price and manage everything between friends and relatives without having to pay no fee.

The first app we invite you to try is We collect, available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

With this app, we can create monthly envelopes in which to invite the chosen participants to divide the share of Netflix, Spotify, and other paid services. By inserting the credit card all participants will be able to contribute their share and, once the sum is reached, the envelope administrator will be able to transfer the money to his credit card and pay for the chosen service.
Obviously, this type of app should be used with people we know or in whom we place the utmost trust.

If all the friends and relatives to be involved have a Postepay we can also make the collection for the streaming service using the app Postepay, available free for Android, and for iPhone / iPad.

With this app, we can receive the payment of a common expense simply by opening the P2P functionality and sending friends to provide the requested sum, so as to be able to immediately pay the monthly fee with the Postepay card associated with the chosen streaming service.

Alternatively, we can also take advantage of the PayPal for the collection since it is available for Android and for iPhone / iPad and can support payment through different types of cards and through current accounts.

Also in this case we can create a fundraiser to which we can invite all friends or relatives so that they can pay the monthly fee for the chosen service; once all the funds have been collected they will be immediately available on the administrator’s PayPal account, who will only have to use PayPal as a payment method for the chosen streaming service.

Other collection apps can be viewed in the article on App to collect money for collections, gifts, and share expenses.


Although there are many doubts about the nature of Together Price, nothing prevents you from saving a little by creating or participating in groups with high feedback, so as to be able to pay all subscriptions for streaming services while spending even less than 80% of the initial cost.
If we don’t want to pay dues and want to manage everything between friends and relatives, we can also use popular apps such as Postepay and PayPal to create collections and collect the money needed to share a streaming service.

Still, on the subject of sharing money, we suggest you read our guide on how to Send money with Android or iPhone in the fastest way.
If instead, we are looking for valid alternatives to PayPal, we can continue reading in our guide Alternatives to PayPal to pay and receive money via the web.


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