Does Android 14 make some Pixel smartphones unusable?

Does Android 14 make some Pixel smartphones unusable?

The release of Android 14 brought significant improvements to Google’s mobile operating system.

Specifically, the ones who benefited from this update were the Google Pixel which however have seen the emergence of new and no less worrying phenomena. According to some user reports, i Pixel 6, 6a e 6 Pro after the arrival of the latest version of Android they presented some anomalous behavior.

The most concerning seems to be the loss of access to internal memory of the devices, with the impossibility of accessing the files stored here. The victims of this mix-up report error messages by the way that they report an alleged full storage space. In other cases, we talk about crashes of apps and even messages that even talk about the damage to the operating system.

From space reported as out of stock to crashes: Android 14 is “indigestible” to some Google Pixels

Through experience and comparison between users it was possible to understand how errors and bugs occur more frequently on devices with multiple user profiles. In these cases, switching to a secondary profile seems to reduce the problems. Beyond this, it is an action that not all users can implement and which still represents an unpleasant force for owners of a Google Pixel.

L’assistance, according to some testimonies, recommends trying to restart the phone in safe mode to possibly try to unblock the situation. This type of intervention does not seem to lead to particular results.

All the problems reported, fortunately, seem to affect only part of the community. Unfortunately, at the moment Google has not yet intervened with adequate corrective patches. Following the number of reports, both on the forums of official support what up third-party platforms (come Reddit) the Mountain View giant will most likely intervene in the next few days.

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