Does Excel open a blank document? Here’s what to do

It can happen that Excelafter opening a file, returns to the user a completely blank document. In many cases the reasons behind this apparent malfunction are related to simple personal distraction.

But otherwise there are several checks to be donestarting fromExcel and Microsoft Office update, until we get to the nature of file indicted, which may have been darkened.

Finally there are some more advanced proceduressuch as disabling the developer mode and of thehardware acceleration which may help you visualize the spreadsheet in question.

Basic actions if Excel opens a blank document

The first thing to do at the moment Excel opens a blank document is to visualize the folder and the target sheet reference and check that they are not actually empty.

At the same time it is always advisable check the Excel window where you are actually working, which may be different than where you opened the main file.

If the above steps don’t reveal anything strange, you can proceed with some basic interventions. For example theopening of the same file in an alternative waypassing through the card File of Excel, the voice You open and the voice Browse.

Just as you can open the file directly from the client web di Excel. A step that helps identify any problems directly related to your desktop client.

In this case the first thing to do is update your Excel software and, if necessary, the entire package Microsoft Office. Then remembering restart before checking again if the files are displayed correctly.

Advanced workarounds if Excel opens a blank document

In the previous paragraphs we mentioned the possibility that the client desktop di Excel is damaged. Most widespread bugs are usually overcome via a software update. But alternatively you can also try “repair” Microsoft Excel.

To do this you need to open the Settings Of Windowsentering the section first App and then in the section Installed apps. Now you need to locate Microsoft Office, click on three horizontal dots and select the item named Advanced options and then click on the item Repair.

Se Excel continues to open a blank file it is possible that this is content that has been hidden by its author original. An eventuality that can be verified by pressing the right mouse button on the file and choosing the name item You discover.

Alternatively there could be gods additional components that they create interference con Excel: due to a bug or some incompatibility related to updates.

If the check for add-ons doesn’t work either, it’s recommended Verify that Excel is the default app for opening files.

Finally you can also try disable developer mode of Excel, as well as you can try disable hardware acceleration.

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