Does Google Drive offer a new way to keep files organized?

Does Google Drive offer a new way to keep files organized?

Google Drive it is, without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent service. Those who use this platform intensively, however, know well how difficult it is to manage and classify files of different nature, especially when their number begins to be high.

Precisely in this context, however, apparently the Google developers they could soon propose a new function for keep files organized present on the cloud.

This is what emerged from the codeapp Google Driveidentified by the site owner TheSpAndroid. According to the data revealed, the app will soon be equipped with various “labels” that will allow files to be cataloged according to their use.

Specifically, it seems, it will be possible to use categories such as Auto, Bank, Expenses, Casa, Identity documents, Insurance, Medicine, Pets, School, Taxes, Trips e Work. All for perfect organization. The downside is that, apparently, it will not be possible to customize the labels.

Files organized? Google Drive could soon have a “label” system

The tag system, apparently, will allow the use of multiple labels at the same time, making cataloging and possible research much more functional than dividing them into folders. This system for keeping files organized appears very similar to what usually happens with Google Workspace in the corporate context.

By closely analyzing the code, although not yet activated, it was also possible to study how the labels work. By launching the Google Drive app, from Home tabyou will be able to select i three points located next to a file. From here, the list with the various labels to choose from will be available. Although the code was only spotted on the app Androidit is presumable that a possible implementation will also be available on iOS.

For sure, the implementation of this feature is not imminent. According to the report by TheSpAndroid, Google developers still have work to do before a possible release.


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