The black and white screen rests your eyesight at night and helps the colorblind or those with vision problems. Let’s see together how to activate it

Black and white screen

There are very few users who have so far grasped the advantages of having a colorless, black and white phone screen. The monochrome allows you not to tire your eyes and is ideal when using your smartphone at night. In the following guide we will show you how to put the phone screen in black and white on Android and iPhone. The change is totally reversible and can only be applied when it is really needed.

At the end of the guide we will also show you the apps that we can use for make the switch to black and white automatic on the screens of our phones.

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1) Put the screen in black and white on Android

Android screen

On Android we can set the grayscale for the smartphone directly from the accessibility options, on any phone equipped with Android 10 or higher versions.

To get the black and white screen we open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu Accessibilitywe open the tab or menu View/Screenwe press on Color correctionwe activate the voice Use Color Correction and finally activate the Scala item of greys.

The screen of our Android smartphone will go black and white as long as we leave the function active; in the same menu you can set colors for the colorblind, ie Deuteranomaly, Protanomalia e Tritanomalia.

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2) Put black and white screen on iPhone

iPhone screen

Even on the iPhone it is possible to put the phone screen in black and white using the accessibility functions, reserved for users with vision problems (nothing prevents us from trying the effect even if we don’t wear glasses or if we don’t have visual defects) .

To get black and white screen on iPhone we open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu Accessibilitywe press on the menu Screen and text sizewe open the menu Color filterswe activate the switch next to the entry Color filters and we set Greyscale among the various choices offered.

A very quick method to turn black and white screen on and off on iPhone is to open the path Settings -> Accessibilitypress on Abbreviations and tick the item Color filters; now you just need to press the Home button three times (on iPhones with a Home button) or the side button three times (on iPhone X and later) to enable or disable the full screen on the fly without going through the menus.

3) App to put the screen in black and white

Black and white apps

On the iPhone there are no apps to adjust black and white (in fact, the abbreviation is enough to quickly recall the function) while on Android we have found many apps that allow you to set only some apps to black and whiteto activate black and white at certain times or to reduce phone dependency setting the black and white after several hours of use.

  • minimalist phone: An app designed to reduce phone addiction by adding grayscale for the apps we use most often (apps like TikTok are less attractive in black and white and we’ll reduce their use automatically).
  • Grayscale+: another great app to turn on grayscale automatically. Requires a special permission that can be activated via a PC (if we don’t have a rooted phone).
  • Gray-Switch: excellent app capable of activating the black and white screen via a hot key (which will be added to the scrolling menu that can be called from the upper edge).

Using these apps we will be able to make it much easier to activate and deactivate the black and white screen on Android as well.


With the black and white screen we will rest our eyes during reading or at night, as well as offering an undoubted advantage for those with vision or color perception problems.

The monochrome black and white mode is not to be confused with the night mode, where the colors are yellowed.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to check how often you use your cell phone and evaluate the usage time come on how to limit the use of smartphones and tablets.


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