Domestic cyber violence alert: what it is and how to defend yourself

With the digital context increasingly an integral part of our lives, it should not be underlined that this area can also hide some pitfalls not to be underestimated.

Exactly for this reason, Panda Security wanted to draw attention to the domestic cyber violence, a sadly increasingly widespread phenomenon. This is not just the antechamber of physical violence but also psychologicalunacceptable conditions of hardship and family abuse that do not know gender, social or economic condition.

Technology in this sense is a double-edged sword, with ever new tools that can be used to spy on and control the partner, heavily influencing his life (the so-called stalkerware).

But how does this type of violence manifest itself in a concrete way? The signals in this sense are different. It ranges from online account controlespecially with regards to social networks publishing content on behalf of the partnerup to phenomena such as cyberflashingor sending explicit images without the other person’s consent or request.

Domestic cyberviolence: what are the warning signs?

Since it is psychological violence, this type of attitude is very often difficult to identify and perceive. Luckily, experts provide a list with some signs that should be alarming. A potential hazard may present symptoms such as:

  • Requests from partner to control i social media profilesi messages of the calls on the phone;
  • Requests for password sharing;
  • Push people to adopt different behaviors on social media, criticizing them interactions with other users;
  • Persistently do many questions about online business;
  • Open and repeated criticism of friends and relativeswith an implicit attempt to isolate the victim;
  • Requests for location sharing.

There are also various solutions in the context of prevention.

The choice of complex passwords, unique and replaced periodically, for example, can make digital stalking more difficult. It can also be very useful to strengthen the protection of social networks by taking advantage of the security settings provided by the same platforms.

Deactivate the search history and online activities, as well as adopting one VPNcan further help combat domestic cyberviolence.


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