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DOOH, digital out of home. Digital advertising on the street, methods, trends, evolutions

Advertising is important and allows companies and organizations to make themselves known to a potentially very large audience and achieve marketing objectives. It is a world that is characterized by creativity and that has undergone major evolutions over time. If before it was carried out exclusively on paper, today digital advertising occupies a place of relevance. Digital advertising is everywhere. We find it on the smartphone, on the personal computer and even on the street with il digital out of home (DOOH).

The latter is a form of advertising that manages to capture people’s attention while they are offline, while walking, when they are in shopping malls, airports or other busy public places. It is proposed on screens and giant screens or other elements that become part of the street furniture. It is extremely effective and, unlike other forms of advertising that can be found on the street, can deliver good results.

Digital out of home, DOOH: what it is

Digital out of home

It’s called Digital out of home and it’s one advertising which can be found in public environments and which uses digital media, new technologies and a cross-media approach. It has nothing to do with digital advertising that is displayed on smartphones and PCs while browsing the Internet, but has a high rate of effectivenessespecially if done in a creative way.

It was born from a fusion between digital and traditional advertising, the one made up of billboards and posters. More precisely is the result of the meeting of the Out of Home (OOH)outdoor advertising on means of transport and in public spaces, and digital. The contents created are a mix of entertainment and advertising.

It has one big advantage: it manages to be engaging, without being intrusive, to amaze and easily capture people’s attention. Thanks to the use of screens of variable size and of different types, is interactive and dynamic. There are Landscapes, horizontal and suitable for vertical format, projectors, square screens, large or small and others.

The most suitable screens are LED ones, which are capable of reproducing high quality images and videos

Other advantages of DOOH is that it allows you to improve brand recall and advertising message it is not perceived as aggressive, but becomes part of the scenario. It allows industry professionals to develop creative and impactful campaigns even remotely.

Digital out of home should not be confused with digital signage. The latter indicates the projection of digital content on screens or devices and not the projection of advertising.

The location of digital outdoor advertising must be well researched. The ideal places they are green areas, railway stations, subways, airports, shopping centres, on buses, trams, trains and other means of transport, arenas, stadiums, shops, bus shelters and much more in big cities.

Digital out of home, a growing market

Digital out of home

That of Digital out of home it is a growing market. More and more companies are feeling the strong need to find new ways to advertise their business, to reach a wide audience, to attract their attention and to be able to remain well impressed in the memory of individuals.

The reason is soon explained. People are constantly bombarded with advertisements: on TV, on the radio, in newspapers, on their smartphones, on social networks and much more. They have developed a great resistance and, many of the times, they manage to ignore the proposed advertising.

The digital out of home, in this context, manages to give good results as it fits into people’s daily lives and manages to capture their attention wonderfully. The sector has undergone periods of sharp slowdowncaused by the pandemic which has forced many people to reduce their movements and the frequency of public places.

The digital out of home, after slowing down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is a recovering and expanding sector

There is no doubt, however, that in the coming years we will see investment growth in this form of advertising due to the growing need to involve consumers and the reduction in the prices of the materials needed to launch this type of campaign.

The future of DOOH

Digital out of home

In the not too distant future the digital out of home could undergo major changes, which will make it ever more precise and measurable. Thanks to automation, the use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology and al programmatic DOOH companies and professionals will be able to obtain important data that will allow them to develop extremely effective strategies and optimize investments.

For example, the number of passers-by can be measured in front of a screen projecting advertising, the number of those who stop to view it and the exposure time.

The digital out of home will be increasingly involved in a cross-media approach, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain better results. The integration between advertising on outdoor screens and online advertising will be increasingly accurate and used. Through these elements, we will try to guide the purchasing path of consumers, to build customer loyalty and to achieve other important objectives.

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