Download playable demos of PC games, free

I am one who loves the world of video games, not just modern consoles that look like interactive films but also the simplest ones, as long as they are fun. In this blog I have always reported free games, whether they are online, flash, download, or multiplayer.
However, among the free games to download, you cannot forget the demo of videogames for sale for pc. Any game that comes out to the store, if the PC version exists, can be viewed e tried for free with the playable demo which, if done well, is a reduced version of the real game.One usually goes to the newsagent, watch the magazines dedicated to video games and maybe choose the one with the game, in the demo version, more beautiful and popular. I say that instead it is done much earlier download them from the internet, legally and quickly, from some of the best sites that give space to the free download of playable demos for PC, with the best-selling titles in the world.

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I repeat again that a demo is not represented by a presentation movie to watch but is a real video game, only that it is limited, not complete, with some features missing or with few paintings to play.
A demo is useful and fun both to do tests (even to see if the game runs well on your PC) in anticipation of future purchases and to have fun one afternoon.

The best sites for free demo download I’m:

1) Steam Store – PC Game Demo is one of the best sites not only for downloading games in the incomplete version but also for buying the original, with great discounts and unbeatable prices.
Certainly, the games are only those produced by this company, the publisher of games such as Plants vs. Zombies (great success at least on iPhone), Splinter Cell, Roma Total War, Half-Life, and many others.
Each game for sale has its own playable demo that you can download and install for free on PC.
Really worth considering the market below cost with games that cost less than $ 5 and others that cost less than $ 10.
The site is also in Italian, you can navigate easily and quickly, without strange advertisements and without the danger of encountering deceptive promises.
To download the games and also to buy them you need to install a software called Steam.

2) GamePressure is one of the biggest sites in the world to find everything and more about video games. There are reviews (in English), video presentations, tricks, patch downloads and, of course, game demos. The demo archive is built as a directory, you can browse the titles by sorting them by date or by name. The list will automatically show the type of game with a brief description and some images.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of GamersHell is that file downloads Installation of the demos are located on various servers and therefore are always very fast. This time the amount of downloadable games in the demo version is huge and there are titles that still have to come out, on the way or that will never arrive in Italy.

3) is similar to GamersHell and contains a very large database of games to download in a demo version, without registration and free. Here you can find games by release date or via the search bar. This is not a video game site so this time there are no reviews or photos.

4) FilePlanet is another nice site to download PC game demos. The only annoyance is that it requires a registration to the site.

5) Finally, the famous GameStop, the world reference point for video game reviews and previews, allows you to download free Demo games for PC even if with mandatory registration. From the download section, you can press the “Demos” button to view the list of the most popular games and the most recent ones.


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