Download Whatsapp for PC and Mac app and official program

download whatsapp official program In the end, after the many requests from users, Whatsapp has released the program to chat from Windows PC and Mac, official, to download for free and to install.
The PC program comes later Whatsapp via the website, from which it takes up not only the graphic interface but also the complete operation.
If Whatsapp has already been used from its website to chat and send messages, then all the same functions will be found on the Whatsapp program, even if with some more small functions.

To download Whatsapp on PC and Mac just go to the official page of downloads and press the button.
The installer works on Mac OS X 10.9 and later and on PC Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Whatsapp for PC also works on Windows 7 even if it is not explicitly stated.
What we need to note is that Whatsapp for PC only works on Windows 64 bit and not on Windows 32 bit.
If you receive the error “Installation has failed. There was an error while installing the application. Check the setup log for more information and contact the author“, the reason is this.
Also keep in mind that to make it work it is required to be present .NET Framework 4.5, which will be downloaded if not yet present.

UPDATE: Whatsapp is also an app for Windows 10 which you can download for free from Microsoft Store, which is practically the same, but also works on 32-bit PCs.

After installation, you will see the QR code which is the one to scan with the phone to log in with your account.
Then take the Android smartphone or iPhone, open Whatsapp, tap the menu button and find Whatsapp Web.
Point the camera at the computer screen and scan the recognition code.
Just like the Whatsapp site, the official program also requires the phone to be connected to the internet to work.
Otherwise, therefore, compared to programs like Telegram, Skype or Facebook Messenger, access from PC to Whatsapp is via a connection from the smartphone, which acts as a communication bridge.

The Whatsapp program for PC and Mac show the list of conversations on the left, a button with three dots to view Profile and Personal Status, to create a new group and view archived chats, a settings button to activate or deactivate notifications, to disable sounds and to block contacts specific.
If you open a conversation you can click on the name of the person or group to see the details tab, you can click on each individual message to see, only in groups, who read it and the time it was sent, and yes he can click the button with three dots at the top right.
From this button, you can select and delete messages or delete entire chats.

What’s more in the program than the Whatsapp website is a top left menu with 5 buttons:
Whatsapp to start a new chat, a new group, see profile and status and log out.
Edit with all the keys cut and paste.
View to enlarge the screen
Chat to archive a conversation, put it silently, mark a message to read and leave a group.
Help, to download the beta version.

The desktop application also has the ability to view chat history and search for past messages.
The interface of the program supports most of the functions of the mobile application: write messages using the PC keyboard (which is the added value of using Whatsapp from the computer), add emoticons, attach files or use voice messages if you have a microphone connected to the computer.
What is missing are voice calls, currently not supported by PC and via the web.

As the Whatsapp PC and Mac program is a replica of the chat website, if you access one, the other is disconnected.
In practice, if you open the Whatsapp web and then also open the program on the PC, the website disconnects and so vice versa, if the program is open and the site also opens, the program disconnects.
Only a PC access to Whatsapp is allowed, just as a Whatsapp account can only be used from a smartphone.

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