Download Windows 10 ISO 64 or 32 Bit, the latest version in Worldwide

download ISO Windows 10 As already explained, it is possible to download Windows 10 as an upgrade or as an ISO using the Media Creation Tool provided by Microsoft.
This program allows you to download Windows 10 with the options to get the ISO (the disk image to be burned) or to directly create the USB pen or the installation DVD disk, thus saving you the trouble of having to do it manually with external programs.
But if you wanted to do the direct download of the Windows 10 installation disc, that is of the ISO file, Microsoft provides the links on its website, even if not immediately visible.
This is particularly useful in the case of keeping the latest version of Windows 10 at hand, if you don’t have a fast internet connection and if you want to download Windows 10 also taking breaks (using a program or extension to manage downloads).READ ALSO: How to Download any version of Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8.1To do the direct download of the Windows 10 ISO in Italian it takes a little trick on the Microsoft site, safe and simple, which allows you to always download the most recent Windows 10 version that at this time is 1909 of November 2019, in the two 64-bit or 32-bit versions.
First of all, open the official web page where the buttons to update or download the Media Creation Tool appear:
Now, the trick to see the download links on the Microsoft website is to simulate a visit to the site from a computer other than Windows. In fact, Microsoft allows the direct download of the Windows 10 installation disk from a smartphone or other systems such as Linux and Mac, on which the Media Creation Tool does not work.
In other words, you need to change User-Agent to see sites in the mobile version.

The easiest way to do this is to open the page using the Microsoft Edge browser. From Edge, once you have opened the Microsoft site page, you must right-click on any point and then on Examine element to open development tools. In the box that opens, go to the tab Emulation and change User Agent String putting Apple Safari iPad.
The page will reopen with the possibility of choosing the edition, with a drop-down menu where you can select the latest available version of Windows 10. After pressing su Confirmation, you can select the language, putting Italian.
Pressing up again Confirmation two buttons to click will appear, one to download 64-bit Windows 10, one for the 32-bit version.
If you do not know which one to download we have seen in another article how to find the complete specifications of the Windows 10 PC to know if it is 32 or 64 bits.

With Google Chrome, you can do the same trick. When it loads the download page, press the right mouse button and click Inspects (can also be opened by pressing the keys together Ctrl-Shift-I). From the development tools, you must press the button that emulates the mobile browser, on the left side, next to the writing Elements (it is small and has the shape of a double rectangle). Once the site is opened in a mobile version, select the iPad at the top and then reload the page by pressing the refresh button at the top left on Chrome, the one with the arrow that turns round to the right.
Once the page has been reloaded, proceed with the selection of the edition as seen above.
Alternatively, you can install the User-Agent Switcher extension to quickly see the mobile version of each website.

Please note that the download links are temporary and expire after 24 hours. It will, therefore, be necessary to download the ISO immediately. The Windows 10 installation ISO file can also exceed 5 GB.

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